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Munchkin: Valentine’s Bundle of Love

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Feb 5 2017


Get your gaming valentine something special this year!

Nothing says “I love you” like cute things and Munchkin. Sure, the game is about stabbing other people in the back, but when it includes Katie Cook’s art, you’ve got a cute-astrophe on your hands. That’s why it’s featured in our Munchkin Valentines Bundle!

From now until February 16, only on Warehouse 23, you can get Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition, the newly released Munchkin ValentinesMunchkin PuppiesMunchkin Princesses, and Munchkin Love Shark Baby, all for the low price of $45. This bundle is loaded with love and features some of Katie’s best work, as well as some of John Kovalic’s pink-hued classics and new releases.


You’ll want a place to store all this new heartfelt swag, so when you order at least $75 from Warehouse 23, we’ll throw in a free Munchkin Valentine’s Day Monster Box, currently only available through this offer (and also ending on February 16)! It showcases even more Katie Cook art, so you know it’s adorable.

Plus, your friendly local game store can take part in our offer for a free Munchkin Playmat: The Flower Of Love drawn by, you guessed it, Katie Cook. It’s like she’s super-talented or something. So if you like Katie’s work, cute things, or Valentine’s Day in general, check out all these awesome and heartwarming offers!

Give Your Valentine the Gift of Gaming
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