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New Blood Bowl Comic in May

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Feb 17 2017

Bob and jim blood bowl

Blood Bowl: More Guts, More Glory! Comic coming this year – Get ready for more Blood on the field!

Hope you’re ready for more bone-breaking Football action because Blood Bowl is getting a new comic in May. Titan Comics is working with Games Workshop to produce another comic set in the brutal world of Blood Bowl. Nick Kyme, of Black Library Fame, is writing this one as well. Fans of Blood Bowl can breathe easy that it’s someone well versed in the Games Workshop universes.

The first issue is slated for May and it will have quite a few alternate covers to ship with it:

images via io9

Blood Bowl Guts Glory 1

Blood Bowl Guts Glory 2

Blood Bowl Bob and Jim

Blood Bowl Guts Glory 3


Blood Bowl Guts Glory 4

According to io9, this story will follow The Hochland Harbingers, a Human Empire Team, who will return to the spotlight after recruiting a former Star Player named Dreng Sturmblud. I’m also curious if we will see any other former Blood Bowl Stars make an appearance. Here’s a bit of the interior art work as well:

Blood Bowl Guts Glory inside cover 1


I think I might check this one out. Who doesn’t love a good underdog story?!


More Blood Bowl coming to you in comicbook form – starting in May! I like Bob & Jim’s new look…


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