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Outside the Box – February 10th

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Feb 10 2017


This week we have an article packed with news from Raging Heroes, Mantic Games, Spartan Games, CMON and more – enjoy!
Raging Heroes shows new Toughest Girls of the Galaxy:
Sisters-Regular-Troops-resin-02-with-bannerKnight-of-the-Chalice-sprue–> More Raging Heroes News

Rising Sun by Cool Mini or Not will hit Kickstarter in early March:
16298446_1632353033727725_6311872412937027730_n 16427453_1635666693396359_4948406588574602568_n

–> More Cool Mini or Not News
Dark Age Games offers new releases:
DAG6908_L1ghtbr1nger DAG2403_LesserSpiderlings–> More Dark Age Games News

New army sets for Kings of War are available from Mantic Games:
KW-goblin-mega-force ogre-mega-force-2017–> More Mantic Games News

JTFM/Die Waffenkammer is working on a 28mm Centurion tank:
16640702_1249616958457717_5289109832336574808_n (1)–> More JTFM/Die Waffenkammer News

The Dragon Empire will be Titan Forge‘s next Kickstarter campaign:
f3d27560becc3bf870682ace62ed9baf_originaleb1d7f1cd0112e77137bcc83a1068444_original–> More Titan Forge News

Steamforged Games is going feral:
unnamed (6)–> More Steamforged Games News

The Luxumbra Kickstarter for Infinity busts is launching on Valentine’s Day:
16473765_360632797655231_3897758916303062926_n–> More Luxumbra News

Warlord Games announced the Lanchester 6×4 armored car for Bolt Action:
16508003_10153686801173039_6568509263686326194_nand added new sets to their US Army in winter dress range:
403013002-US-Army-75mm-Light-Artillery-M1A1-Winter-01 402213002-US-Army-Veterans-Squad-Winter-01Also available for pre-order, a new starter army for Black Powder:
unnamed (3)–> More Warlord Games


New previews for Twisted have been published by Demented Games:
16473052_1372743032757889_6763749080658986408_n 16298911_1372743309424528_4836511699692339115_n–> More Demented Games News

Spartan Games published preview pictures of the Core Nation Expansion Boxes for Dystopian Wars:
Blazing_Sun_Chita_Web Dynasty_Web_580PE_Medium_Web–> More Spartan Games News

Wave X for X-Wing is now available from Fantasy Flight Games:
swx59-63_titleimage–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

More Jovian War previews have been published by Dream Pod 9:
JovianMajestic3DModelPreview–> More Dream Pod 9 News

The 15mm plastic German SdKfz 231 8 rad Armoured Car is now available for pre-order from The Plastic Soldier Company:
unnamed (7)–> More The Plastic Soldier Company News

Mad Robot Miniatures offers their first motorcylce:
asdfgsdf–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

And talking about bikes, MaxMini released some Goblin bikers:
MXMFG039_goblinbikers-882x630–> More MaxMini News


The Tannenburg Fusiliers are the next regiment from Victoria Miniatures that’ll get a make-over:
16427685_1085284934841301_242547138918404868_n–> More Victoria Miniatures News

MOM Miniatures released a new Dwarf bust:
image–> More MOM Miniatures News

And Rubicon Models announced a new Panzer IV kit:
16473791_1828546910732002_3164681868751293499_n–> More Rubicon Models News

As always, we finish with some new Kickstarter campaigns:

Acheson Creations – Primeval Designs
Quixotic Games – Dungeon Alliance
Sacred Sword Miniatures – JRPG Styled Chibi Minis
Ridgeback Miniatures РFeral Orcs
Dungeon Lair – Dungeon Accessories
GT Studio Creations – 30mm Orc Warband
Doug Whiddon – Infinity Station 3D-Printable Terrain
Tiger Miniatures – Greek and Macedonian Miniatures
Blind Beggar Miniatures – Outlanders Phase 4: SpecForce Rangers
3DArtDigital – Orc and Goblin Miniatures
M3Studios – Holy World Themed Terrain
Impact! Miniatures – Oldhammer Goblin Miniatures
Dragon Bait Minis – Venus 1888 Women at War
West Wind Productions – Panzer Mech Weird War II

Always remember, if you wan to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

I really dig that Centurion tank!

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