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Outside the Box – February 17th

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Feb 17 2017


This week we are packed with news from Dark Age Games, Knight Models, Eureka Miniatures, Antenocitis Workshop and more!
Dark Age Games announced a two-player starter set:
Unboxing-PTG1Unboxing-PTG13–> More Dark Age Games News

Knight Models presents Severus Snape for the upcoming Harry Potter miniature game:
Snape–> More Knight Models News

Antenocitis Workshop presents the Nomad Turtle landing craft for Infinity:
turtle_transport_ship_by_nova29r-d6139t6–> More Antenocitis Workshop News

Mantic Games offers new The Walking Dead boosters:
unnamed (4) unnamed (3) unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

And we got a new picture of the Star Saga exclusive Blaine:
Blaine_Turntable (1)–> More Mantic Games News

More Rising Sun previews from Cool Mini or Not:
16602669_1638128746483487_146972817352518192_n 16711929_1639288186367543_7743744163641779465_n–> More Cool Mini or Not News

This interesting new terrain project comes from Warmill:
16508995_1362375783783424_5449102132557822007_n16641112_1362375867116749_5683743971378366855_n–> More Warmill News

Warlord Games released the plastic IS-2 for Bolt Action:

And a whole lot of new Boromites for Beyond the Gates of Antares:
502412003-Boromite-Overseers-b_grande 502212002-Boromites-Engineer-squad-01_grande–> More Warlord Games


Miniature Scenery released their E.A.G.L.E. bus:
EAGLEBUSLarge–> More Miniature Scenery News

GCT Studios presents Goro for the Savage Wave:
goro_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Mad Robot Miniatures is working on new heads:
16640774_999281550173288_8659416681528829052_n (1) 16649177_999222220179221_6148427130649495698_n (1)–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

Khurasan Miniatures is working on a 15mm Maus:
16700619_1141845152590498_5202718643746149005_o–> More Khurasan Miniatures News

New Hawkmoon releases are coming from Eureka Miniatures:
16508613_10154322913125509_2588632655071239077_n (1)16602561_10154322913680509_3468676401967906008_n–> More Eureka Miniatures News

MOM Miniatures presents new cavalry
16708707_1824238597796748_8431706551360240145_n (1) (1)16508742_1824857551068186_8804332745441524674_n–> More MOM Miniatures News

And Rubicon Models presents a new preview of their plastic PaK set:
16730629_1831746267078733_6852000937695629323_n (1)–> More Rubicon Models News


Last but not least, Kluvka Miniatures published a preview of their Mech Monk:
unnamed (9)–> More Kluvka Miniatures News

And some new crowdfunding campaigns:

Luxumbra – Infinity Collectors
Dream Pod 9 – Jovian Wars Resin Spaceship Miniatures
DGS Games – Eclipse Sisterhood: Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures
Wonderland Projects – Mauser Earth: War for Paris Relaunch
Broken Contract – Rulebook Relaunch
Labmasu – Eiffel Extravaganza Paris 1896
Goblinguild Miniatures – Skull Devils Fantasy Football Team
Titan Forge – Dragon Empire

Always remember, if you wan to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

~Those Hawkmoon miniatures look perfect for Frostgrave!

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