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Total War: Warhammer – Bretonnia Incoming

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Feb 25 2017

Everyone’s favorite Knightly-Knights are heading to the virtual Old World – The Bretonnians are heading to Total War: Warhammer!

The Total War series is back with another update for all you Warhammer fans – and this one is FREE! The Bretonnians will arrive February 28th. Start your horses and get ready to charge in to Total War: Warhammer!

Total War: Warhammer – Bretonnian DLC

In the mists of times past, the regions between the Great Ocean and The Grey Mountains were secured by Gilles le Breton, and Bretonnia was founded. Now ruled by the mighty warrior-king Louen Leoncoeur, Bretonnia is administered across a number of dukedoms. Bretonnian society revolves around a deeply ingrained code of chivalry, and her people offer fealty to their Goddess, The Lady of The Lake. It is said that a Knight who distinguishes himself through honourable deeds may earn her blessing.

It is also an archaic, feudal society, where the peasantry till the soil in return for the protection of the nobles, thereby funding Bretonnia’s military. Each stratum of society has its vows and responsibilities. The Peasant’s Duty is to sacrifice nine-tenths of his earnings to his liege; in this way, the various knightly orders are kept in the manner to which they are accustomed. And while a younger Knight Errant may appear brash and dismissive to the serfs, he soon learns to adopt a more solemn and honourable bearing, befitting his sacred role as a protector of the realm.

These orders form the heart of Bretonnia’s armies, and rise in seniority from the Knights Errant, to the Knights of The Realm, the Questing Knights, the Pegasus Knights and the Grail Knights themselves – revered as living saints and often accompanied in battle by mobs of zealous Battle Pilgrims. The rest of the army is composed of levy bowmen, men-at-arms, mounted yeomen and huge, peasant-manned field trebuchets.

Bretonnia may be resistant to change, but the changing face of The Old World will not let them sit idle. To the east, the wild woodlands of Athel Loren are awakening. Vile Greenskins infest the nearby Grey Mountains, offering a palpable nearby threat. And Bretonnia’s northern coast is vulnerable to the seaborne menace from the ice-rimed marches of Norsca. Can the noble knights of Bretonnia rise to meet such recklessly destructive challenges?


  • New playable race for Grand Campaign, with expanded roster for custom and multiplayer battles
  • Free download for all existing Total War: WARHAMMER (including Old World Edition) owners
  • Embark on campaigns as three new Legendary Lords: Louen Leoncoeur (Bretonnia), Alberic (Bordeleaux), and The Fay Enchantress (Carcassonne)
  • Chivalry, Peasant Economy and Knightly Vows impart the flavour of the Bretonnian race through meaningful new gameplay mechanics
  • Summon the legendary Green Knight when the need is dire
  • Comprehensive new Bretonnian army roster
  • Errantry Wars endgame objective pits you against your foes in cataclysmic battle

New Legendary Lords

Louen Leoncoeur (Bretonnia)
Since his coronation, The King of Bretonnia has proven himself time and again, both as a just and wise ruler, and like a warrior-king of old, leading from the front in the cauldron of battle. He has always attacked the enemies of Bretonnia with a fiery wrath and determination, yet never have his actions been anything other than chivalrous and honourable.

Louen Leoncoeur is a melee-focused Lord with access to a Barded Warhorse, Royal Pegasus, and Beaquis the legendary Hippogryph as mount options.

The Fay Enchantress (Carcassonne)
A figure of awe and inspiration, The Fay Enchantress is the personal representative of The Lady of The Lake, and is such is the most influential figure in all of Bretonnia. Her will is that of the goddess, and even kings of Bretonnia must bow to her wise council.

The Fay Enchantress is a spellcaster wielding the Lore of Life, and may be mounted on her unicorn, Silvaron.

Alberic (Bordeleaux)
Duke Alberic of Bordelaux displays levels of courage and determination rare in mortal men. Moreover, he expects no less from his attendant knights, and should they fail to meet his exacting standards, they face summary dismissal. This leaves the duke with a somewhat compact, though legendarily talented household guard.


Alberic is a melee-focused Lord with access to a Barded Warhorse, Royal Pegasus and Hippogryph as mount options.

New Heroes

Knights who have surpassed themselves through deeds of great valour and chivalry may become Paladins. These hardened heroes are famed throughout the dukedoms, and are worth a hundred lesser men on the field of battle, swooping into the heart of a struggle atop their swift Pegasus mounts.

As youths, those who display an aptitude for the magical arts are visited by The Fay Enchantress, who then accompanies them on a quest to the Otherworld to awaken their true potential. Those who return become pure devotees of The Lady of The Lake, and their wisdom finds many uses in the kingdom, both as visionary advisors to Dukes and Kings, and as powerful battle-mages. Damsels may be recruited to wield the Lores of Beasts, Heaven or Life.

Unit roster

The Bretonnia unit roster is built around a core of powerful mounted knights, supported by peasant melee and ranged infantry, inexpensive yeoman cavalry, field trebuchets, religious zealots and puissant icons of The Lady.

Melee Infantry
Peasant Mob
Foot Squires
Men at arms
Men-At-Arms (Shields)
Men-At-Arms (Polearms)
Grail Reliquae
Battle Pilgrims

Ranged infantry
Peasant Bowmen
Peasant Bowmen (Fire Arrows)
Peasant Bowmen (Pox Arrows)

Melee Cavalry
Mounted Yeomen
Knights Errant
Knights Of The Realm
Questing Knights
Grail Knights
Grail Guardians


Ranged cavalry
Mounted Yeomen Archers

Flying Cavalry
Pegasus Knights
Royal Pegasus Knights
Royal Hippogryph Knights

Field Trebuchet
Blessed Field Trebuchet


Prepare to charge – May the Lady protect us…Bretonnians arrive on the 28th!

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