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40K: Grand Master Voldus’ Rules Revealed!

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Mar 5 2017

Grand Master Voldus’ rules were spotted in the wild, come witness the power of the Grey Knights…

The fine folks over at Frontline Gaming have given us a look at the power that the Grand Master of the Grey Knights can bring to bear on the battlefield. Read on to learn more about this powerful psyker.

via Frontline Gaming

Grand Master Voldus (240 Points) has the exact same statline as a Grey Knights Grand Master, as well as the wargear and special rules of any other Grey Knight rocking a badass suit of terminator armor. As mentioned before he is mastery level 3 but as far as what sets him apart from other Grey Knights…

  • Warlord Trait: As the lore master of Titan Voldus is allowed to generate one more power than he normally would, but, it must be generated from the Daemonology Sanctic discipline. This slightly worst version of the Liber Daemonica is ok, but honestly I wouldn’t try to make Voldus my warlord in most instances. Though this does beg the question… if he is the Lore Master of Titan then why doesn’t he just check out the Liber Daemonica from the Titan library? Is he a tome hoarder with an outstanding library fine?
  • As a psyker Voldus can generate from all of the normal psychic disciplines Grey Knights can. In addition he generates from the Geokinesis, Librarius, Fulmination, and Technomancy disciplines found in the Angels of Death supplement. Also known as “Those broken powers Space Marines got, but barely ever use because most of their faction is broken”.
  • Voldus wields the Malleus Argyrum into battle. A hammer so powerful it acts exactly like a Nemesis Daemon Hammer, except it lost that pesky unwieldy rule to enable Voldus to swing at initiative. Not bad.

All in all, there’s still not much about how you can use Grand Master Voldus. But I’m sure more will be forthcoming soon enough.

Until then, what do you think of Voldus? Is he worth 240 points? He’s a mastery 3 Grey Knight Grand Master, but is that any good? Let us know how you’d use him!


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