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40K: Guilliman, Then & Now

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Mar 4 2017

Roboute Guilliman is back this weekend – But this isn’t his first trip around the Imperium. Time to look at the Ultramarines Primarch Past & Present!

The Warhammer Live stream yesterday had a ton of great info about the return of the Primarch. He’s got himself a fancy new(ish) suit of armor and a whole MESS of special rules. But how does he stack up to …himself? Guilliman is the first Primarch to have rules for both 30k and 40k (for now). So which version is better?

Roboute Guilliman – Horus Heresy


The Armor of Reason: 2+/4++ In addition, the first invulnerable save failed in each particular phase of the game may be re-rolled.

The Gladius Incandor: Str +1, AP 2, Melee, Shred, Murderous Strike, Specialist Weapon

  • Murderous Strike – To Wound rolls of a 6 cause Instant Death.

Hand of Dominion: Str 10, Ap 1, Melee, Concussive, Unwieldy, Specialist Weapon


The Arbitrator: Range 18″ Str 6, AP 3, Assault 2, Rending

Special Rules

Sire of the Ultramarines:

  • Re-roll failed charged distances for him and his unit, ignore the effects of Concussion.
  • All Ultramarines get +1 Ld while he is on the table.
  • If he is the Warlord of the Primary Detachment, Invictarus Suzerain squads and Legion Terminators may be taken as Troops.

Preternatural Strategy:

If Guilliman has the first turn, the opposing player must re-roll successful Seize the Initiative attempts.

Pick a single unit entry from the Ultramarines army lists, units of this type in Guillimans detachment gain either Implacable Advance, Interceptor, or Tank Hunters if they don’t already have it.

In a challenge, Guilliman gains +1 WS for each continuous round of combat after the first up to WS 10. This effect resets to his normal WS against each subsequent opponent fought in a challenge.


Unyielding Will:

Guilliman’s Leadership is not subject to negative modifiers. He may re-roll Deny the Witch Tests.

Roboute Guilliman – The Returned Primarch

via Games Workshop

In addition, some of the rules we learned he had from the Warhammer Live Stream:

WS 9

Special Rules

  • Adamantium Will
  • Chapter Tactics (Ultramarines)
  • Eternal Warrior
  • Fearless
  • Feel No Pain
  • Fleet
  • Precision Shots
  • Precision Strikes
  • Preferred Enemy Chaos (All Chaos including Chaos Daemons, CSM and Khorne Daemonkin)



He wields both The Emperor’s Sword and The Hand of Dominion. These are combined to form one profile – Strength 10, AP 1 and they have the following special rules: Melee, Armourbane, Concussion, Soul Blaze, Touch of the Emeror, Whirling Flame.

Touch of the Emperor: Any attacks with this weapon (that roll a 6 to hit) are resolved at Strength D rather than 10.

Whirling Flame: This rule is pretty long, but basically Guilliman can sacrifice his regular 6 attacks to a swing at every enemy unit with models within 1″ of him. He gets a number off attacks on those units equal to the number of models they have within 1″ of him.

The Hand of Dominion has a built in ranged weapon as well:

Range 24″ Strength 6 Ap 2 and is Assault 3, Rending. He’s basically got the best heavy bolter ever created under his arm!

Now, on to the Armour of Fate:

The Armour of Fate confers a 3+ invulnerable save. In addition, if Roboute Guilliman is slain, place a marker at the spot at which he was slain. At the beginning of your next turn, roll a dice. On a 4 or more Guilliman is restored by his armour – place him as close as possible to the marker, more than 1″ from any units, with D3 wounds remaining. Otherwise Guilliman is slain. if the marker is on the battlefield at the end of the game, Guilliman is considered to be slain.

So not only does he have a 2+ save normally, he’s got a 3++ and if you happen to chew through all 6 wounds, he’s got Feel No Pain AND on a 4+ he’s got a chance to get back up with D3 Wounds.

Points-wise, 40k Guilliman is apparently 50 points cheaper as well.


There are some difference in the special rules for sure. Stat wise they are very similar although 40k Guilliman has a better set of weapons overall (both ranged and close-combat). They both have a dizzying set of Special Rules to go along with them. HH Guilliman is also an Infantry(Character) where 40k Guilliman is a Monstrous Creature(Character). I also have to give an advantage to the Armor of Fate vs the Armor of Reason. A 3++ and his pseudo “I’ll Be Back” roll is with D3 wounds is pretty nice.

Overall, I kind of like 40k Guilliman compared to his HH counter-part. However, I don’t want to downplay some of HH Guilliman’s Army rules for Horus Heresy Era games because in context, he’s really powerful. But the real nail in the coffin for me: That new model is amazing.


So which version do you like better?

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