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40K: Talons of the Emperor Limited Run?

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Mar 18 2017

Fans of the Custodes and Sister of Silence, you might want to act quickly with this new boxed set…

The Talons of the Emperor Box is available for pre-order now. As of right now, it’s the best place to get rules in the form of two 24-page books: Codex: Adeptus Custodes and Codex: Sisters of Silence. However, there is something everyone should note about this product:

via Games Workshop

Talons of the Emperor

“Please note, this product is available while stocks last.”

Anytime we see that listed on a GW product it means it’s a limited run. After this one sells out it will be out of stock and may not come back. Games Workshop may issue a re-print in the future but there is no guarantee of that so it’s best to consider this as a “heads-up” announcement. If you want to get your hands on the 24 page Codexes for the Custodes or Sisters you might want to act on that sooner rather than later…

Also note that this messaging is only on the Product Description for “Talons of the Emperor” and NOT on included with any of the unit boxes.

What’s in the rules? “Talons of the Emperor contains 2 books full of rules and background for the included miniatures:”


Codex: Adeptus Custodes

– Datasheets for the Custodian Guard Squad, Venerable Dreadnought and Land Raider;
– the Aegis of the Emperor special rule;
– a new Warlord Traits table;
– the Golden Legion Task Force detachment;
– the Armoury of the Adeptus Custodes – wargear, special issue wargear and vehicle equipment.


Codex: Sisters of Silence

– Datasheets for the Prosecutor Squad, Vigilator Squad, Witchseeker Squad and Null-Maiden Rhino;
– special rules, including Psychic Abomination;
– the Null-Maiden Task Force detachment;
– the Armoury of the Silent Sisterhood – wargear, special issue wargear and vehicle equipment.


Will we see these rules reprinted in a White Dwarf? Will the boxes come with the basic unit rules inside? We won’t find out until we get our hands on the boxes. But if you’re on the fence about this product you might want to take that into consideration…



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