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AoS: Blades of Khorne Contents Teaser

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Mar 30 2017


The Blades of Khorne are heading your way and Games Workshop has a new peek at the contents!

I hope you’re all ready for the blessing of the blood god to rain upon you because it’s going to be a bloody good time ahead.

via Games Workshop (Age of Sigmar Facebook)

For those of you curious as to exactly what you can look forward to in the new Blades of Khorne Battletome, available to pre-order this weekend, here is the contents page. As you can see, it’s bursting with stuff.

Do you have a Khorne army for Warhammer Age of Sigmar? What are you most excited about?

Just in case anyone was wondering the Pitched Battle Profiles are the points for the units. On top of that we’re going to get a ton of new rules including:

  • Allegiance abilities
  • Artefacts of Power
  • Daemonic Gifts
  • Blood Blessings of Khorne

Also we’ll get a ton of new and improved info for the Path to Glory Campaigns. If the Stormcast book is any indication, those charts will be similar to the ones in the General’s Handbook, but they might have some additional info as well. It also looks like we might be getting some unique Battalions as well. With a name like “Gore Pilgrams” I picture red Flat Top Hats and brass buckles. Maybe some evil turkeys…

It doesn’t look like any new models but at least we’re getting a consolidated list for all the Khorne units in the game currently (excluding Forge World of course). I’m looking forward to this one just to see what the new stuff brings to the table.


Bloodletters. All Bloodletters all the time.

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