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Blood Bowl: Dwarf Death Roller is Rumbling

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Mar 21 2017

Take a look at the newest Blood Bowl mini, just perfect for cutting the competition down to size.

Nottingham just pulled the covers off the latest Dwarf team contraption.  Take a look at the Death Roller headed your way in just a few days.


My FAVORITE part is the maniacal laugh on the driver (and the beer)

I’m betting there will be lots of other team’s “victim” conversions.


Finally a model made to test your static-grass skills.


Back in February, we saw some sneak peeks of the mini in hobbyist Jonathon’s team:


The rules for this guy are in the Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One book, so you can start playing the second you paint him up:

Blood Bowl Death Zone Season One $25



Just the thing to add to your Dwarf Giants team:

Dwarf Giants $35


~The Dwarf Death roller ships out later in March.

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