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Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp 105 “Mark III Bracers”

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Mar 25 2017

Into the Warp once again! It’s another production update from Behaviour!

via Eternal Crusade

ESRB 16 – Visit for rating information.

Nathan Richardsson, Noah Ward and Katie Fleming recently gave a Production Update (Mark III bracers, mortar mode improvements), answered Q&A and purged alongside PG!


The Reaper Launcher:

There was an issue with the Reaper Launcher that was addressed where it would basically snap to the floor or the top of a doorway due to the arc. This made them “rough to use” in tight spaces. Now, they have adjusted the arc to make them more flexible – you can now fire down hallways and doors.

Aside from the changes to “Mortar Mode” and the addition of the MK III bracers, there were a ton of Q&A questions from the community they tackled. Nathan also teased the possiblity of a campaign launching next week with some caveats. Provided everything scales smoothly then it should be good to go!

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

See you all on the digital front!


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