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Fritz’s Tabletop: Dungeon Master Mistakes

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Mar 30 2017



The role of the Dungeon Master is complex. This week let’s look at starting ideas to make your first adventure as DM great.


The role of the Dungeon Master is complex- part story teller, rules lawyer, and gamer it can be a bit intimidating the first time you find yourself behind the DM screen. In this weeks tabletop post let’s look at some starting ideas to make your first adventure as the DM great.

In this video we explore the first set of starting Dungeon Master tips- and the #1 starting point is to always remember that as the DM is that you really can’t make a mistake as the Dungeon Master. The players don’t know what is behind that screen, or what is just through the door so if you forget a rule or misread a monster stat it really is no bog deal.


After you have a few adventures under your belt, the next step is to launch a campaign- let’s take a look at some starting ideas as the DM.




It genuinely is hard to make a mistake as a DM, but there are a few that we want to avoid, making sure the narrative of the game is always pushing forward.





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Author: Fred Hansen
  • Pathfinder: Edge of Eventide