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GW BREAKING: Updated “Necromunda” Returns!

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Mar 14 2017

GO GO GO! The skirmish game you’ve all dreamed of is coming back! Shadow War Armageddon is coming!


Here’s the basics from our BoLS reporter on site at the GAMA trade show:

  • Necromunda will re-released in a new reimagined edition.
  • Titled Armageddon Shadow Wars
  • Rules will be almost identical to the original.
  • Organized Play support will accompany the new game.
  • Unlike Killteam, there is a point-based system for buying your gang.
  • The game does NOT use the 40K rules, stats, etc at all.
  • The game will ship with 12 factions.
  • The core box will contain Blood Angels Marine Scouts and Orks


~More as it comes in! Tell us what you think in the comments.

Author: Larry Vela
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