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Hobby: Let It Snow?!

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Mar 11 2017

Hey there…it’s still Winter in Wisconsin, and it’s always Winter on Fenris!

What is that you say Stormy?  Why are you talking about the weather on BoLS?  Because, plastic crack fans, it really is snowing in the 40K world of my Thousand Sons and Tzeentch Daemons.  Why don’t we take a look at what the hell is going on?

In a former life, I was quite the model railroader.  I had a rather extensive N Scale layout.  I had been a model railroader since the young age of 14.  One of the things I enjoyed most was putting together the scenery.  As with most hobbies, I became more experienced with time, and with that, I would like to think the quality of my scenic creations improved.  One of the key ingredients in that evolution was a company called Woodland Scenics.  They have been my go to folks for many years, including basing/scenic materials for my 40K models and scenery.

As I contemplated basing my new Thousand Sons/Tzeentch Daemon army, I considered the Wrath of Magnus backstory.  Much of it took place on the death world of Fenris…snowy, icy Fenris…that’s it!  So I went over to the local Walthers showroom.  Who is Walthers?  Walthers is a major retailer of model railroad supplies, and their headquarters is right here in Milwaukee!  Asked the folks at the counter if they had any advise for creating snow for model bases.  Here is what they pointed me to…

Surprise, surprise, if I didn’t end up dealing with my old friends from Woodland Scenics.  I am now using a combination of two products.  First, there is Flex Paste.  This forms the base.  The Paste is easily applied and shaped with a small brush or even popsicle sticks.  It can be applied in a single coat for lower profile bases, or layered for drifts.  It can be applied to scenery features like stones, rubble or buildings, and shaped very easily on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.  These two products can be ordered online directly from Woodland Scenics.  I am sure there are other sources as well.  I am fortunate enough to have Walthers nearby, and they also have an online store.

Once the paste is applied, and if you are not going to add more layers, it is time to apply the second product; Soft Flake Snow.  For my model bases, I usually pour some Snow into a plastic container and just “dip” each model into the Snow.  If it is applied fairly soon after the Paste, if sticks quite nicely.  Let it set for a few minutes, then clear any excess with a few taps and a light breath.  For vertical surfaces, I just place a bit of the snow on my hand and give it a sharp breath.


You certainly need to a exercise a bit of caution when applying the Paste, as it can get on other parts of the model besides the base.  Of course, that may be the effect you want, particularly on vehicles and the like.  If you do get a bit of excess, it can be removed very easily (and carefully) with a hobby knife when it dries, as it is very brittle.   That being said, putting a bit of extra up onto legs or on the edges of larger models can be a great chance to create some sharp modeling effects.

I am just getting started with my Sons of Magnus and their daemonic playmates, but hope to experiment more and create some good looking winter effects on my models.  The next step is to add a few rocks in with the snow.   Woodland Scenics also has some great products for ice effects…hmm, maybe another trip to Walthers is in my near future?  I will be sure to consult with those Exalted Sorcerers the next chance I get!

Have you tried this or other products for winter modeling?

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