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Outside the Box – March 17th

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Mar 17 2017


Hello again, this week we have news from Fantasy Flight Games, Knight Models, Anvil Industry, and more – Enjoy!
Fantasy Flight Games announced new release waves for X-Wing and Star Wars Armada:
And we got a new preview of the M3-A Interceptor Aces:
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Knight Models expands their DC range:
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New Skandinavian infantry can be pre-ordered from Fireforge Games:
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Operation Heracles, the new Warpath starter set, is now available from Mantic Games:
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Sarissa Precision added a pagoda to their Japan-themed terrain range:
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A lot of new Trench Fighter releases are available from Anvil Industry:
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GCT Studios presents the Okyo Ashigaru for the Ito Clan:
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A new range of modular Fantasy terrain is coming from Multiverse Gaming:
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Victoria Miniatures published a new preview picture:
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A quite impressive new 15mm Alien Invasion range is available from Khurasan Miniatures:
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New Fantasy Football Big Guys have been released by Puppetswar:
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Warlord Games released new sets for Beyond the Gates of Antares and published a teaser for a new English Civil War supplement for Pike & Shotte:
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And the 8mm Travel Battle set can now be pre-ordered from Perry Miniatures:
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MOM Miniatures published new previews:
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New WW2 and Cold War tanks are available from Blitzkrieg Miniatures:
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The Drowned Earth is an interesting looking upcoming miniature game:
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And Things from the Basement announced a 28mm version of the (in)famous Pavlov’s House:
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And the new Kickstarter campaigns:

Atlas Miniatures – LION DUCHY and BLACK LOTUS Fantasy Football Teams
Lynnvander Studios – The Legacy Series Metal Miniature Collection
Forge of Fables – Raging Rodents Wargame Miniatures
Bog’s Minis – 28mm Mushroom Miniatures for Tabletop Games
Last Sword Miniatures – Reichguard Knigths
Killbox Games – Frazetta Miniatures
Greenbrier Games – Grimslingers: The Northern Territory
Blacksmith Miniatures – World of Jean-Baptiste Monge
Printable Scenery – Time Warp Terrain
Impact! Miniatures – 32mm scale Fantasy Football Amazons, Elves & Dark Elves
Atlantis Miniatures – 28mm Dwarf Miniatures

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

~ I love Anvil Industry’s Regiments range! And that Pavlov’s House looks stunning!

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