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40K: Is Necromunda’s Past the Future

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Mar 16 2017



A re-imagined Necromunda is coming back from GW. It’s time for us gangers to go back and study the original.

With Shadow War: Armageddon unveiled by GW, the gang themed battles of the nightmare Hiveworlds will be back in your hands soon.  The GW presenter said the rules are so close that you could theoretically play any of the new game’s factions agains the original Necromunda gangs.  A quick look at the first unit stats from the new game certain got a lot of old memories flooding back. Take a look at these two images for comparison:

Genestealer Cult “gang” members from the new game

Original Necromunda Ganger, Heavies & Juves stats



That looks close enough to me that I wouldn’t be surprised to be an almost identical core ruleset from the original. So it’s time to look back at Necromunda to brush up on what GW may be about to give us.

Ok the new terrain completely blows away the plastic and cardstock original.  But you better believe that if I can, my beloved Escher gang is coming out to retirement to show all you new fangled Harlequins, Genestealer hybrids and Orks who REALLY runs bartertown!



When Shadow War Armageddon hits, will you go new 40K factions, or old-school Necromunda gangs?

Author: Larry Vela
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