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Unboxing The Triumvirate of the Primarch

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Mar 7 2017

The Triumvirate of the Primarch is hitting shelves this weekend – come take a look inside the box!

Games Workshop is back with an other awesome kit on their hands – and this time there’s a Primarch in the box!!!

Starting with the star of the show, Roboute Guilliman is back in plastic this time and it’s great to see in the flesh. His kit is fantastic. The detail work on the plastic is right up there with any of the recent GW kits – crisp edges, great material, and zero complaints from me. I didn’t notice any mould lines on the set I was looking at either. It also looks like GW was trying some new “cuts” in the plastic to preserve details. One of my favorite bits is probably the shoulder pad included – it’s all very well done.

Cypher is up next and I must say this model is a definite improvement on the previous one. His pose is that of a man about to unleash a fury with his pistols but there are lots of subtle details all over this kit. The “Lion Sword” is a great bit – it’s actually two separate pieces that come together to form one larger sword. It’s a blazingly good sculpt. On top of that his plasma pistol is from a previous generation – which apparently makes it better. It does not have the “Get’s Hot” rule, I believe that’s due to the blow-off valve on the tip. And the tech priests that that was just for show…think of all the lives that could have been spared – all for the sake of vanity.

I feel bad for Grand Master Voldus because by himself, it’s another great model – he’s just overshadowed by the fact there is a freaking Primarch in the box AND a classic “anti-hero” has returned. But looking at his rules I don’t feel too bad for him. Swinging his hammer at his base initiative is a pretty good ability. Plus he’s all decked out in Grey Knight Terminator Armor as well. That means it’s double-plus ornate! This model and Cypher also share something else in common: The way that Games Workshop cut-up these models to fit on the sprue is mindbogglingly good. If a person were to look at a single bit in a vacuum you’d think that there was something wrong with the cut. Like a puzzle piece was missing. But no, they are all there and they fit fantastically!


Overall, this is yet another great kit from GW – there is a reason folks keep coming back for their plastics. I do have one complaint…and that is the fact I’m feeling pressure to start a new Space Marine Army with Guilliman at the head. I mean, I do have some models I could re-purpose…and I have that rhino on sprue…

“No AdamHarry! No! You get back to your Stormcast Project first! – And you still have your beloved Tyranids…Think of the ‘gaunts!”

Okay! Okay! You’re right wallet, you’re right. Thanks for reminding buddy.

“You’re welcome.”

The Triumvirate of the Primarch – heading your way soon!

Triumvirate of the Primarch $90


A strange fate binds Roboute Guilliman, Grand Master Voldus and the Fallen Angel Cypher together. They walk a path of providence; though whether it ends in damnation or deliverance, none can say. On the battlefield, this triumvirate of warriors is an unstoppable, inspiring force, bolstering the morale of those they lead while shattering enemy lines with their staggering strength. Cypher’s pistols roar as Voldus’ psychic powers lash out – all the while, Guilliman strides like a reborn god, bellowing rallying cries and striking down countless foes.


Can you resist the temptation to drop a Primarch on the table? For how long…

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