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40K: Breaking – New Teaser Trailer – The Indomitus Crusade!

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Apr 30 2017

In a new teaser trailer, GW has shown us what Guilliman has been up to, aided by Cawl. The Indomitus Crusade begins…

There’s a new teaser trailer out from Warhammer TV, narrated by the man himself Roboute Guilliman.

In it, deep within a dark and mysterious chamber, everyone’s favorite Primarch and Archmagos hang out, looking out over a row of tanks, while Guilliman talks about how for the longest time, the Empire has merely subsisted. Clinging to the past without really comprehending…

Huh. Wonder what’s in those tanks? And what those two are up to? If only someone would show us what’s on the screen…

Hey waitaminute that looks a little bit like a Vitruvian Man. Only in space marine armor…


Anyway. You probably can guess what’s coming at this point. Especially since Guilliman’s narration out and out talks about how they’ve been breeding a new class of warriors, who are capable of doing more than their brethren were capable of. Drawn from the lore of the past–so presumably whatever Cawl has been up to/researching will pay off here as well, if Guilliman is bringing new marines to the table.

Which, judging from how things have been going in the galaxy–maybe some new blood (literally) is just what the Imperium needs to tip the tide of war. At any rate, with all the talk of new weapons, Guilliman goes on to announce that a new campaign is beginning… the Indomitus Crusade is coming, bringing war once more (well, really, still–it never really stopped) to the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennia.

So just what have Guilliman and Cawl got planned? Obviously they’re making new warriors that are built on the legacy of what’s come before. And those look like gene tanks of some kind–which scans with all the rumors of new marines floating around out there. But whose idea was this? Was this Cawl’s influence? Guilliman’s initiative? Some kind of psychic suggestion implanted by the Emperor, now that one of the Primarchs is back and he has a fresh supply of Primarch Juice just walking around being awesome?

I mean he says these guys are the “Truest Heirs to the Primarch’s Legacy…” so I’m betting that means it’s something¬†to do with Guilliman’s magical guts?¬†And over on Warhammer Community, they say this is a plan “10,000 years in the making.” Does that mean it’s not a new plan? If not, what’s changed?

Time alone will tell.


What do you think is in those tanks? How will these new warriors differ from what’s out there? Will they outshine Space Marines?

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