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40K: More Questions Than Answers

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Apr 27 2017

After that Q&A session and the week we’ve been having – I’ve got MORE questions for Games Workshop!

Everyone’s caught up on the Q&A, right? Okay, great – now I have a few more questions for Games Workshop that didn’t get answered:

  • When is the release date, specifically?  (“This year” yes I know!)
  • How will weapons formerly known as “Template Weapons” work? I mean in terms of “killing range” – Will the Flamer (for example) only be able to hit and wound models within 8″?
  • What “New Factions” are coming?
  • What will the Psychic Phase look like?

  • How much time to I have to get current army ready before the new edition comes out, specifically? Like a couple weeks or a month or two?
  • Is the game still “I Go, You Go” or will it be a unit activation type game?
  • Those new Stat Blocks look pretty interesting – What will the Str vs Toughness chart look like?
  • With the removal of Imitative, how will prolonged (combats that will take more than 1 round) work? Who swings first in this case?
  • Are we going to see “to-hit” mods for shooting?

Shadow War: Armageddon Weapon profiles

  • What day will the rules be available, specifically?
  • Will we have Shooting into Close Combat?
  • How will Cover work? Will that just add to the armor save?
  • What about Line-of-Sight in general?
  • If the “main conflict is re-focusing” on the war between the Imperium and Chaos, what’s going on with the other Xenos races like Orks, Tyranids, and Necrons? How will they impact the story line?
  • Are the Old Ones going to come back and Squat everyone?

  • If I wanted to ask for time off to properly celebrate the release date, which days, specifically, should I ask off for?
  • Who’s getting the first “proper” codex?
  • What lessons did you learn from the AoS Roll-out and how are you implementing those lessons for the 8th Edition Roll-out?
  • You talked a bit about how movement will work – what about charging? Is that also a random roll or will it be double the movement value or something else?
  • When can a unit take a Fall Back move? Is that during their movement, after the combat, or at some other point during the turn?

  • If “everyone can hurt everyone” what balancing factors are in place for “Horde” style armies?
  • How will vehicles deal with small arms fire? Will they have some type of rule that prevents them from getting dragged down by hundreds of Lasguns or Gaunt Claws?
  • Is Overwatch still in this edition? Has it changed at all?

And Finally: When is the release date for Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition?



I’m sure we all have a million more questions – I know I do. I haven’t even gotten to the army specific questions yet… What’s YOUR burning question for Games Workshop in regards to Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition?

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