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BL: Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia

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Apr 14

The Horus Heresy Primarchs Series continues with Perturabo: Hammer of Olympia. Come see what makes Perturabo tick!

As Primarch of the Iron Warriors, Perturabo  wasn’t always a devote of Chaos. There was a time when he was a loyal servant of the Emperor and was a part of the Great Crusade. So what happened to make him abandon his post and return to his people? In Perturabo: Hammer of Olymipa we find out…

via Black Library

Primarchs: Perturabo (Limited Edition) $65

While crusading to build the Imperium, Perturabo, mercurial primarch of the Iron Warriors, hears of turmoil on the world where he was raised, and abandons the crusade to return home and save his people.

Focusing on Perturabo during his youth on Olympia, in the Great Crusade and upon his return to the world that defined him, this is a definitive look at what makes the master of iron tick.

Born to a life of political conflict, Perturabo was always considered a child prodigy among the people of Olympia – indeed, his philosophical and scientific works were beyond compare. But then, after his rediscovery by the Emperor and decades of thankless military campaigning on the Great Crusade, the primarch begins to resent his Legion’s place in the Imperium. When word reaches him of turmoil on his adoptive home world, he orders the Iron Warriors to abandon their campaign against the alien hrud and crush this emerging rebellion by any means necessary…

Written by Guy Haley



There were 2,500 copies available and as publishing time, this book is down to less that 800 copies. If you want to get this book early you might want to get on it…


Whoa, back-up…Perturabo was on a campaign against the Hrud!? I want to read more about THAT!

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