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Black Library – New Release Roundup 4-15-17

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Apr 16 2017

This week, Librarians, Iron Warriors, a Primarch’s Jambi the Genie Cosplay, a bowl of blood, and an anthology of Heresy…

Okay, say what you will about the fact that Perturabo is supposed to be a scholar and a techno-savant (after all, the book he’s in is all about his pre-Heresy life), I still think his square helmet thing makes him look like he’s a grimmer, darker Jambi the Genie…

Putting the “mecha” in mekka lekka hi, mekka hiney ho!

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The Horus Heresy Book 43: Shattered Legions (Hardback) $30

Driven almost to the brink of self-destruction at Isstvan V, the Iron Hands now seek vengeance for the murder of their primarch Ferrus Manus. Gathering survivors from the Raven Guard and the Salamanders aboard any vessels capable of warp travel, these Shattered Legions wage a new campaign of annihilation against the traitor forces across the galaxy – a campaign masterminded by legendary warleader Shadrak Meduson. This Horus Heresy anthology contains ten short stories by authors including Dan Abnett, Chris Wraight, John French and many more. Also, in the novella The Seventh Serpent, Graham McNeill revisits the ragtag crew of the starship Sisypheum as they are drawn into a war of subterfuge against the Alpha Legion.

It’s the contents of the anthology Meduson collected together with Graham McNeill’s The Seventh Serpent to form the definitive collection of Shattered Legions fiction. See how Shadrak Meduson’s feud with Horus plays out and the lengths to which these hardy survivors will go to score victories over the traitors.


Meduson by Dan Abnett
The Noose by David Annandale
The Keys of Hel by John French
Unforged & Unspoken by Guy Haley
Immortal Duty by Nick Kyme
The Either & The Seventh Serpent by Graham McNeill
Deeds Endure by Gav Thorpe
Grey Talon & The Hand Elect by Chris Wraight

Primarchs: Perturabo (Limited Edition) $65

While crusading to build the Imperium, Perturabo, mercurial primarch of the Iron Warriors, hears of turmoil on the world where he was raised, and abandons the crusade to return home and save his people.

Focusing on Perturabo during his youth on Olympia, in the Great Crusade and upon his return to the world that defined him, this is a definitive look at what makes the master of iron tick.

Born to a life of political conflict, Perturabo was always considered a child prodigy among the people of Olympia – indeed, his philosophical and scientific works were beyond compare. But then, after his rediscovery by the Emperor and decades of thankless military campaigning on the Great Crusade, the primarch begins to resent his Legion’s place in the Imperium. When word reaches him of turmoil on his adoptive home world, he orders the Iron Warriors to abandon their campaign against the alien hrud and crush this emerging rebellion by any means necessary…

Written by Guy Haley

Skeleton Key$4.99


There’s a lot riding on the Dungeonbowl: it’s being touted as a clash between good and evil. But disaffected greenskins and a grumpy mummy might throw a spanner in the works…

It’s packed with your recommended daily intake of anarchic Blood Bowl mayhem, but with a distinctly horror-themed flavour (dungeons and mummies – totally counts).

The mummy Ramtut, star player of the Champions of Death, already disgusted by what he perceives as the sad decline of the game since his days among the living, is further dismayed by the atmosphere surrounding the Dungeonbowl. Against all expectations, the sickeningly moral Bright Crusaders have reached this championship, and the overwhelmingly human audience is cheering a match promoted as a mythical clash between Good and Evil. But unknown to either team, a group of disaffected greenskin supporters have plans of their own for the outcome of the game.

Written by David Annandale.

Remember, Librarians, reading is fundamental!

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