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BREAKING: New Horus Heresy Primarch Unveiled!

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Apr 17 2017

Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons, is getting a new model from Forge World! Check out the next Horus Heresy Primarch model!

If you can make it to Warhammer Fest 2017 then you’ll be one of the first people who will have a shot at snagging the new Magnus the Red Primarch model from Forge World.

via Warhammer Community

Magnus the Red, the Crimson King, Lord of Prospero – famous and infamous in equal measure for being perhaps the second most powerful psyker in the Imperium, after his father the Emperor.

Our Warhammer Fest event in Coventry at the end of May will be the first place in the world your can get your hands on the next Horus Heresy Primarch.

I’m liking the look of this new Magnus model from Forge World! The Daemonic version was already a fantastic kit so this one had a high-bar to clear. I think Forge World has managed to do just that with this Horus Heresy Era version of the Red Primarch.

What do you think of this new Horus Heresy Era version of Magnus the Red?



No nipple horns? #NotMyPrimarch

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