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HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders Unboxed

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Apr 23 2017

Riri Williams and Dr. Strange join the fight, and we get a look at the new boosters with Scott Porter!

Dr. Strange, Earth’s Guardian has two Continuity Effects that are always active and cannot be ignored and three Title Character Abilities that cannot be countered or ignored.  Dr. Strange begins the game with 2 Plot Points, which, as a free action, you may spend or accrue once per turn to activate his Title Character Abilities. With Every Scrap Of Hidden Sorcery, you gain one Plot Point to modify the damage value of Dr. Strange or an adjacent friendly character by +1 for the turn.

Check Out All of His Stats Here

Wizkids has added some new blood to the plot, too. Riri built her first suit by reversing an Iron Man Model 41 before she could legally drive a car. She took the name Iron Heart after fighting agianst Captain Marvel, and alongside Tony Stark, in the second Civil War.


As a superhero who is still learning the game, Iron Heart has a six-click dial and low point value of 25.  Iron Heart hasn’t logged anywhere near the amount of flight time that Iron Man has, and her dial reflects this inexperience by alternating between Sidestep and Earthbound/Neutralized with a set of average speed values.  However, as a 15-year-old genius with an education from M.I.T., Iron Heart has a damage track that includes the popular support powers of Outwit, Probability Control, and Perplex.

Check Out All of Her Stats Here

Scott has been opening booster packs all week – this set is huge!

Play HEROCLIX, Free Rules Here


Author: Mars Garrett
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