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SEGA: Real Life 40K Powerfist In Action

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Apr 25 2017

SEGA has too much advertising budget for Dawn of War 3… so they made a real life power fist and let people play with it.

SEGA invited some random folks in London to come give their creation a try. Here’s two reporters trying their best at being a Space Marine… and failing.

Dawn of War III is out this week and SEGA is pulling out all the stops.

Here some more info

Final smashy, smashy – I did it wrong though… #fail #powerfist #Warhammer40K #dawnofwar #sega #whatamidoing


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Ars Technica had this to say about the monster:

“Based on the in-game Power Fist model from Dawn of War 3, the real-life Power Fist is a hodge-podge of 3D printing, high-tech materials, and good old fashioned garden shed bodgery [Ooh er! -Ed]. The body of the fist is made from a glass reinforced nylon monocoque, a composite material similar to that used on the nose cones of Formula 1 cars. I’m told that the 9.6kg fist is the largest single block of the stuff ever made, measuring a cool 45cm in length and 30cm in width. The fingers of the fist, which do all the heavy hitting and weigh a hefty 6kg on their own, are made from “aerospace aluminium,” and milled into existence by a CNC machine.

The fist section blasts outward from the wrist by way of a pneumatic double action air cylinder, controlled by a bi-directional solenoid valve. Paired with two 3000psi air tanks, the same kind used by paintball guns, the fist delivers 3000psi at 520mm per second. A perfectly timed swing will apparently deliver 3,388 newtons of impact force, more than the average heavyweight boxer’s 2,500 newtons. While the fist won’t punch through an armoured tank like its fictional inspiration, it will punch through a brick wall.”


Go see more pics of it over there.

~ So who wants one of these for home use?

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