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ToyLand: New Wonder Woman Lego Set

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Apr 12 2017

The battle for good begins with Lego! Diana Prince, Steve Trevor, and a legendary foe are featured in this set.

There are some possible movie spoilers below this point.


Lego has a habit of getting ahead of movie marketing schedules and giving fans hints about what’s to come. The “Wonder Woman Warrior Battle” set from Lego pits minifigs Diana Prince and Steve Trevor against giant Ares, the god of war. It even has Steve’s fighter plane…

Based on this set it looks like we’re going to get a giant – or at least giant Ant-Man sized – version of the war god in the movie. Ares grows in size and gain power by feeding off of violence and anger around him, and there would be plenty of that during the Great War. While he hasn’t show up in any marketing yet it has been confirmed that Ares is being played by David Thewlis in a mixed performance of practical and CG effects.

The set has 286 pieces and will be in stores on May 1st. No confirmed price just yet.



Here’s the latest Wonder Woman trailer. You can put 2+2 together on your own.

Author: Mars Garrett
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