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40K: 8th Starter Box Datasheets

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May 27 2017
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Have you been wanting to see the unit rules from the upcoming 8th Edition Starter Box? Here they are!

Games Workshop is not letting up the gas on 8th today. At Warhammer Fest 2017 they are running demos for 8th and they have the majority of the Start Box unit Datasheets out for folks to use. Check out the new datasheets for the Primaris Space Marines AND the Deathguard starter box units:

via Warhammer Community

Deathguard Units



Primaris Space Marines





Wow – that’s a lot to digest! The Plasma Incinerators are going to tear up heavy armor and can get super charged for more damage. The Lord of Contagion’s Nurgle’s Gift seems like a good way to get random Mortal Wounds and he looks tough as nails to take out. And speaking of tough to take out, those Poxwalkers are no joke either. Not only do they have Disgustingly Resilient, they can also replenish their ranks from other fallen enemy units!

I’d also like to call out the wall of text that the Plague Marines have. The Blight Launcher, the new Plasma Gun rules, and they ALSO have Disgustingly Resilient. They are going to be a pretty great option for Chaos Players all around.


What do you think of the changes to Plasma Weapons? Are you considering loading up on those for 8th now? How about those Plague Marines? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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