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40K 8th: Astra Militarum Reborn

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May 9 2017

ATTENTION! The Astra Militarum are coming back to the tabletop with all new powers and abilities.

Reecius is talking all about the upcoming Astra Militarum in 8th Edtion. He assited with the playtesting of 8th, so he should know.  Here’s what to expect:

Look for a total redo of the entire range that will bring even the old “obsolete” units back to the tabletop.

Improved units:

Scout Sentinels – Improved (???)

Bullgryns – Improved in assault

Rough Riders – Improved in assault

Heavy Weapon Squads – Improved firepower

Commissars –  Minimize effects of bad morale tests, keeping your units in the fight for longer.


Ratling Snipers – Ability to target enemy characters.

Leman Russ – T:8 Sv:3+ W:12, Movement begins to slow after 6 wounds.


7 Orders to choose from.

Orders work automatically.

Sample Order: ‘First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!’.  Las-guns(including hot-shot) fire as Rapid Fire 2 – so 4 shots per model at half range.

~ It’s going to be a very different world out there!


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