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40K: Shadow War: Armageddon FAQ & Errata

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May 6 2017

There is a new Shadow War: Armageddon book on the way and an official GW FAQ & Errata to boot – check it out!

This weekend Games Workshop has the new Shadow War: Armageddon rulebook out for Pre-Order. This enhanced version has all the core rules from the 120 page book that was included in the boxed set, but also has all the PDF lists there were online only, PLUS Adeptas Sororitas Battle Sisters and Inquisitors of the Ordos Xenos. It also clocks in at 200 pages total and you can tell the difference!

Shadow War: Armageddon Rulebook

Armageddon is wracked with war. As hordes of ferocious Ork warriors surge across the planet, they are met in combat by the combined forces of the Imperium. The bloodiest and most gruelling battles are fought within the hives: the ancient, towering cities that are the last strongholds of Humanity.

Across Hive Acheron, elite squads of soldiers are deployed where larger armies are unable to operate. These guerilla fighters creep through the twisting pipes and gantries of the hive to strike deep within enemy territory. They are assassins, and saboteurs – they are the kill teams of Armageddon, battling over precious promethium in order to win the shadow war and decide the fate of the bitter battle that has engulfed the planet.

The Shadow War: Armageddon rulebook is a 200-page softback, featuring new rules and some features previously only available online.

To go along with the new book, Games Workshop has also added a new FAQ and Errata to help answer some of those questions people have had while playing the game.

Download the FAQ & Errata HERE


The FAQ/Errata is only 4 pages but it does help clear up some key concepts. If you’re looking to play in a campaign or even a one-off game, you might want to take a quick look at these just to avoid any confusion.


Have you been playing Shadow War: Armageddon? How is your Kill Team doing in the Hive?

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