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EXCLUSIVE: Infinity PanO Bagh-Mari Unveiled

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May 16 2017
Corvus Belli has a new Infinity release to show off to all you BoLs readers: PanO’s jungle killers, the Bagh-Mari

Bagh Mari Unit with HMG.
Background: “The Bagh-Mari were clans of tiger killers who wandered the India of old, offering to slay any troublesome felines for coin. Nowadays, the name has been adopted by a particular PanOceanian special unit with a focus on jungle warfare. Bagh-Mari troopers are well-equipped, seasoned combatants. 
Based on Acontecimento, the Bagh-Mari regiment undergoes instruction in the heart of the Great Arboreal Reserve, and is one of the staunchest advocates for this massive forest expanse. Much like their ancient, tiger-slaying namesakes, they have made a home and an ally out of the jungle. 
Their environmental skillset makes them uniquely suited for combat on the surface of Paradiso, where they have earned quite the fearsome reputation by dint of their signature Covert Reconnaissance and Destruction operations. The regiment received the Bagh-Mari designation during the NeoColonial Wars, after the remarkable success of the Madhava Operation whereby they managed to rout a major airborne offensive mounted by Yu Jing Tiger Soldiers. 
The Bagh-Mari regiment prefers to choose its members from amongst the Hindu population of Peshawit city and the vicinity of the Great Reserve. Veterans from other Acontecimento regiments are also routinely transferred to the Bagh-Mari, but a point is made to maintain the corps’ Hindu idiosyncrasy and their heritage as predator hunters in the depths of the jungle.”

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