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Geekery: GoT – The Great War Begins

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May 25 2017
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IT’S’ HERE!!! The first full trailer for Game of Thrones season seven has a lot to say – and dragons.

The final chapters of HBO’s Game of Thrones are coming – there is much plotting to do.

Some quick observations…

  • Cersei is surrounded by enemies on all sides – Lanister armies are on the march
  • John Snow to the North
  • Daenerys to the East
  • Dorn to the South
  • Greyjoy to the West… maybe (I see ships)?

Daenerys and Cersei are both looking at the larger picture…

  • The Mountain has a new set of fancy armor
  • Unsullied fighing Lanisters in a Lanister castle/fortress
  • Dothraki fighting on horseback with a dragon!
  • Lots of people being surrounded and running in the North
  • Littlefinger and Sansa plotting, as usual
  • Sansa and Ellaria Sand making out
  • Greyworm and Missandei making out
  • Fighting on ships with plenty of fire… dragons?
  • Cersei and Jamie are together (for now)
  • A creepy burned arm emerging from… a cell? Maybe the Mountain has been busy.
  • Daenerys makes landfall in Westeros (with Tyrion), and is sitting on a throne possibly at Dragonstone

This shot released by EW this week makes it very clear that Daenerys is going to use the full force of her now extra huge cold blooded companions in this fight…



Who’s going to die this season? Place your bets early and often.

Author: Mars Garrett
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