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X-Wing: “Guns For Hire” Expansion Announced

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May 30 2017
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It’s Scum & Villainy’s time to shine with the next “Aces” expansion for Star Wars: X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games!

I hope you have the credits to afford these new Mercs & Bounty Hunters because they are here to get the job done. FFG has a new expansion for X-Wing heading your way and these Veteran Pilots are Scum’s next Guns For Hire!

via FFG

Guns for Hire Expansion Pack $29.95

“The Scum and Villainy aces expansion for X-Wing™, Guns for Hire adds tremendous versatility to the faction’s Kihraxz fighters and StarVipers. Both are represented by miniatures with eye-catching alternative paint schemes, and you’ll find a handful of ambitious new pilots eager to fly them, as well as two new Titles and other upgrades with which you can get them combat-ready. Altogether, the expansion comes with two starfighter miniatures, eight ship cards, twelve upgrades, and four condition cards, plus all the maneuver dials, bases, and tokens you need to send your hired guns to battle!”

So far Fantasy Flight Games has shown off a couple of teasers for the cards inside.

Viktor Hel is here to cause problems. The Kihraxz Fighter isn’t exactly a push-over thanks to it’s 2 agility, 4 hull and 1 shield. However, what really helps Viktor out is the pilot ability – when attacking him, it’s kind of like taking a big bitter bite of something you weren’t expecting. If he doesn’t get exactly two defense dice, the attack gets a stress. Generally speaking, that’s just not fun! For most players, if they have something else to shoot at they are probably going to want to target that instead which helps Viktor out in the survivability department.


Star Viper Mk. II is a card that is going to cause Scum players to rethink the Star Viper altogether. Not only does it lower the point cost of the Star Viper by 3, it also messes with the Barrel Roll action. It will get some extra range out it, too! And if that wasn’t enough the ship can also equip a second title! Which…there is only 1 (for now). And speaking of titles…

Are you reading that right? I hope so! Vaksai allows a Kihraxz Fighter to equip THREE modification upgrades!! Get ready to have the most custom rides in the galaxy. The possibilities are (technically) endless, but doing some quick math that equals roughly a BA-GILLIONTY* different combinations. And you get a bulk discount on the ship’s upgrades, too.


I don’t know about you but I think this set is going to breathe some life into a couple of ships that never quite found that sweet spot for a lot of folks. But now, with the extra customization I think players should definately give them a second (or third) look.


Talonbane Cobra with a Boost AND Barrel Roll? Uh…YES PLEASE!

Author: Adam Harrison
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