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40K: Space Marine MathHammer

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Jun 15 2017

The Space Marine arsenal is vast – come check out the math behind the right tool for the right job!

Our good friend Kirby over at 3++ has been laying on the math this week. Here is a super useful chart to see the math behind how effective each Space Marine Weapon really is:

via 3++

Here are the instructions on how to read it:

“Here we see how some basic marine weapons stack up against various enemies. The weapon stats are shown in blue, with a column in green and red for each enemy. For example, a Guard with Toughness 3, 5+ Save and 1 Wound. Pay attention just to the Toughness, Save and Wound listed about each column; the T7 3+ 8W column is relevant for the majority of Marine and Tau vehicles we’ve seen so far. (Wounds don’t make a difference above 6 for this exercise).

The results down a column is the number of “Expected Wounds”. For example, a Storm Bolter kills about 1.19 Guardsman, on average. Meanwhile, the Storm Bolter puts about 0.07 wounds on a Land Raider. You may prefer to consider the inverse, 1/0.07 = 14 Storm Bolters will put one wound on a Land Raider, on average. You don’t have to understand what the numbers mean exactly, just “higher is better”. “

For even more details check out his full break down HERE

Editor’s Note: Kirby has modified the file to account for D6 Damage weapons. The updated chart can be found HERE.


I really hope Kirby works up a chart like this for every army (it looks like he already has started). Be sure to pop over to 3++ and show him some love – Thanks for the MathHammer Kirby!


What weapon did you find to be the most surprising?!

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