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40K: Space Marine Repulsor Tank

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Jun 02

The Space Marines are getting a new tank for the new edition – behold the Repulsor!

A new edition brings forth some new toys for the Space Marines and the Primaris Marines aren’t the only new units that are joining the fray. The Space Marine Repulsor rides to battle!

via Warhammer Community

“This new tank is one of the new armoured vehicles that accompanies the Primaris Space Marines to war. Like their arms and armour, it was forged on Mars, and is recognisably of the same STC origins as its predecessors. Could this be ancient technology long lost and uncovered once more, or has Cawl been “tinkering” with Omnissiah-blessed technologies? This new war machine stands ready to crush its way to war alongside the tried and tested Predator and Land Raider tanks of the Space Marine Chapters.”




There is a lot to digest on this tank! It looks like we’ve got a twin-lascannon on the front hull, a turret mounted Lascannon, an Assault Cannon manned by a Techmarine, and various smaller missile-pods and/or smoke launchers on the top, sides and rear of this beast! I’m also counting 3 access points, two on the sides and the hatch in the rear. And let’s not skip over the fact that this new tank doesn’t appear to have tracks – it’s hovering!

It’s certainly looks a lot like an amalgamation of different Space Marine Vehicles: a Land Raider, a Predator, and a Land Speeder. I’m also curious if the Marine on top is a Primaris Marine or not – that will mean the size of this think is MASSIVE. Also, it’s the first Space Marine Tank that I can recall that has a base.


What do you think of this new tank for the Space Marines?


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