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STAW: New Ships We Want To See

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Jun 16 2017

Raven Jax is back with some top choices for new ships in Star Trek Attack Wing!

Hey everybody! Raven Jax back again to talk about Star Trek Attack Wing. Today I wanted to give you my list for new model ship sculpts I’d most like to see in the game.

With another wave of Star Trek Heroclix on the way, WizKids could potentially release some new sculpts soon for Attack Wing. We can keep our fingers crossed!

So, going off of my own opinions and those of players I’ve spoken to, here are the new ships I’m hoping to see:


Most images are property of Paramount and CBS. No copyright infringement intended.

1. Federation shuttlecraft

Sure they did the Delta Flyer, but there’s so many shuttlecraft that haven’t been done yet. What about the Galileo? Or the Type 6 shuttlecraft from TNG? Our best bet at the moment seems to be Runabouts – which I know technically aren’t shuttles, but close enough – with WizKids dropping hints online that they’ll add them to the game.


2. Romulan shuttle

Currently only the Federation and Ferengi can make use of the shuttlecraft mechanic. Making the Romulan shuttle from the excellent DS9 episode “In the Pale Moonlight” would allow another faction to make use of it. Plus we could get an “It’s a fake!” Elite Talent.

3. Klingon fighters

If the shuttlecraft mechanic is going to expand to more factions, fighters should as well. Of the original four STAW factions, Klingons are the only ones that don’t currently have fighters. I’m not entirely sure what model you would want to use for this, but it’d be another unique addition to the game.

4. Bajoran fighters

I mean, hey, for that matter they haven’t made a model of the Bajoran fighter that Kira and Dax flew in “The Siege.” Let’s give the fighter mechanic to the Bajorans as well!


A beautiful Enterprise C model painted by my friend Gareth. Thanks to my friends Gareth and James for the picture!

5. Enterprise C

Right now every major iteration of the Enterprise has a model – except for the Ambassador-class Enterprise C. The fact that it’s in one of the most famous TNG episodes only bolsters the demand for one. Plus it comes with ready-made upgrade cards, like a Rachel Garrett captain card and a captain or crew Richard Castillo.

6. Son’a

Despite being an underrated Star Trek movie in my opinion, Insurrection hasn’t gotten a lot of love from Attack Wing. In fact, none of the ships introduced in the movies have gotten models. The Son’a shouldn’t be their own faction, but could easily be Independent or Dominion. Along the Insurrection lines, WizKids could also do a captain’s yacht, or Data’s scout ship that are seen in the movie.

7. K7

WizKids is probably looking to do another large ship, and hopefully one that isn’t a third Borg Cube. Doing some kind of a unique space station like K7 would fit the bill, and would give players another nice piece to play around (or with) like the DS9 model that was the first large sculpt released. Plus, hey, we could get some DS9 crew cards with images of the characters dressed in Original Series uniforms!

Another beautiful model painted by Gareth.

8. Enterprise Dreadnought


This is the model I’ve seen people most often make themselves. The three-nacelle Enterprise from TNG’s “All Good Things” could easily be a Mirror Universe ship, with a powerful phaser cannon weapon upgrade and an old Picard crew card. Plus we need a Mirror Universe Enterprise D that doesn’t cost $100 like Assimilation Target Prime.

9. Botany Bay

Speaking of things that are pretty expensive, doing a Botany Bay model would be a great opportunity for WizKids to mass-release the much sought after Khan captain card, previously only available from attending GenCon. And the Botany Bay itself would be an interesting ship. WizKids could try to make it the game’s first ship with zero weapon dice, but other very useful abilities. How about an Augment card that lets you temporarily take over your opponent’s ship?

The USS Saratoga model from the Eaglemoss Collection.

10. Miranda variants

Ever since the Reliant appeared in Wrath of Khan, Star Trek has used some variations on the Miranda-class in episodes of the TV show. There’s the Bozeman from TNG, or the Saratoga from DS9. It hopefully wouldn’t even take very much to alter the existing Miranda-class model for WizKids to do these new sculpts.


~ I’m barely scratching the surface of new ships WizKids could make for the game. Five TV shows, one animated series, a bunch of movies, and countless books and video games leave a lot of possibilities open. What ships would you most like to see added to the game?

Author: Raven Jax
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