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40K New “Easy” Weapons & Minis

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Jul 10

The Easy to build Reivers & Death Guard are very cool and have both minis and rules surprises.

I’m loving the new Easy to Build models that are hitting the shelves this week. They are dripping iwht cool little details and some really cool rules to boot. they also introcduce some new weapons into the grimdark.


Death Guard

OK now these guys are just fantastic.  I love how GW has taken the opportunity to “tell a story” with each Plague Marine. I love fully posable minis as much as the next guy, but if you are going to do a mono-pose mini – use the opportunity to show something cool and characterful. I’m getting lots that narrative vibe from the Death Guard minis. Look at these three fellows:


Plague Marine #1 is taking the WW1 Imperial German army vibe all the way. We’ve had the spiked “pickelhaube” helmets for a while, but the addition of the “potatomasher” grenade really pulls the theme together. If there’s an army that represents  WWI forces I would say it’s a tie between the Iron Warriors and the Death Guard – so details like this make me happy.

I’m not sure exactly when tentacles and extra mouths moved from being a Tzeentch thing to being a Nurgle thing, but during the END TIMES series Gutrot Spume has brought the maritime theme home to the God of Decay.  This guy has tentacles aplenty and it’s always handy to have some extra appendages to carry your plasma gun.


Onto Plague Marine #3. This guys is the first model to carry the new Blight Launcher. It’s a pretty snazzy weapon with 24″ Assault2 S6 AP-2 Dmg D3, rerolling to-wound rolls of 1. I hope to see these popping up all over the place on future Nurgle models and vehicles. The 24″ range is a really nice addition to Death Guard infantry who struggle with ranged firepower.

Primaris Reivers

These guys do have the odd appearance of wearing cyclist shorts – squint and you’ll see it, but they get the Immorten Joe filtermask so that makes up for it. Great, now I’m thinking of a Fury Road-Baywatch mashup…  Moving on, these guys have really nice minis but they really win in the rules department. While they have identical stats to Intercessors, they have a couple tricks up their shorts sleeves. Apparently these guy’s most important piece of wargear are those grenades. In particular Reivers have 2 rules that standout – giving Space Marine armies some cool tabletop options.

Shock Grenade: “A shock grenade does not inflict damage. Instead, each time a shock grenade hits an enemy INFANTRY unit it is stunned until the end of the turn – it cannot fire Overwatch and your opponent must subtract 1 from any hit rolls made for the unit. Second and subsequent hits from a shock grenade have no additional effect.”

~I assume these are the “red grenades” up in the picture.

Terror Troops: “Enemy units must subtract 1 from their Leadership characteristic if they are within 3″ of any Reivers.”

They also get Heavy Bolt Pistols with a AP-1.   I like these guys a LOT!


To me it looks like old Bellisarius Cawl has been mixing a bit of Night Lords geneseed into the Primaris Reivers!  But hey if it’s ok with Roboutte, it’s ok with me.

~What do you think?

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