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40K: More Repulsor Pics Arrive

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Jul 18

There’s a new round of images of the Primaris’ new UBER ride – the Repulsor. Take a look.

Images via B&C’s Straightsilver 7-17-2017

These images are (again from the getting Started with Warhammer 40,000 magazine – truly the book that just keeps on giving.  Take a look:


The turret is smaller than I thought and I think the tank may look better once all the cargo boxes are removed. It has quite a bit of clutter glued on at the moment.

It’s enormous – like everything else the Primaris use.  You always wanted to know what would happen if you put a Land Raider and a Land Speeder in a cyclotron – now the Ad-Mech have answered the question.



~Is is starting to grow on you?

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