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40K: White Scars Chapter Focus

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Jul 18

Games Workshop has another chapter under the microscope – today we look at the fast & furious White Scars!

Yesterday we got a look at the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics and got some hints at what else they are bringing to the table top. Today, we’re getting a look at the chapter that defines the Lightning Assault, literally. It’s the sons of Jaghatai Khan – the White Scars!

via Warhammer Community

The savage appearance of the White Scars belies an intelligent, measured approach to war; every brutal attack is the culmination of careful planning and reconnaissance. Attacking with primal fury, the White Scars are a storm from which there is no escape. On the tabletop, this is reflected by the White Scars’ Chapter Tactic, Lightning Assault. Firstly, all White Scars biker units move faster when advancing, allowing you to close in on the foe and outflank your enemies. Secondly, all White Scars units – including Dreadnoughts! – can charge in the same turn that they fall back. This is huge, effectively allowing the White Scars to guarantee priority in assaults and letting powerful close combat units engage and re-engage at will without getting bogged down.

The Khan be praised – White Scars are going to be down right scary aggressive! Did you think you were going to lock them in to a protracted combat? Guess again! They can Fall Back and still get a charge off – that is going to be huge for coordinated assaults. First, these guys are going to be super quick with those extra inches added to their Advances. Second, that also means they will be able to fall back and provide a nice target for other unit guns – no friendly fire here! Finally, they will be able to charge right back in there and finish the job up-close and personal – with charging advantages, too!

Kor’sarror Khan also has a unique abilty called “For the Khan!” It will enhance the strength of charging White Scars units. You can already see how that will pair nicely with their Chapter Tactic. Get ready for repeated charges from the White Scars – I think I will call them the Yo-Yo Bikers from now on.

And speaking of Bikers, the White Scars are also getting a special strategem called “Born in the Saddle” which allows them to advance, shoot, and charge! If you’re doing the math at home that gives them a 26″ threat range…and that’s not counting and shooting! Time to get in fun range with those Multi-Melta bikers.


That’s not all the Khan boys are getting. Their unique Warlord Trait is called “Deadly Hunter” and grants your warlord the ability inflict mortal wounds when charging. Their unique Relic is called “Mantle of the Stormseer” and that give White Scars Librarians a boost to casting Smite.

Ride the Lightning with the White Scars!

The Space Marine Codex is coming soon – ready your forces and prepare for war!

Speed, Savagery, and Smite? What’s not to love about the White Scars?! What do you make of their Chapter Tactic? How do the White Scars stack up so far?


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