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Age of Sigmar: Death Gets its Due

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Jul 27

The Death Grand Alliance has big buffs coming in AoS’s Generals Handbook 2017 – this August.

The Death Grand Alliance has been left out in the cold for 2 years now, but it sounds like GW aims to fix that in the upcoming General’s Handbook 2017

Here is the latest new on what the minions of Nagash can expect this time around:

New Allies System

There is an all new allies system that appears to allow cross sub-faction armylist builds. For Grand Alliance Death you can probably look for lists that blur the lines between:

  • Deathlords
  • Soulblight
  • Deathmages
  • Deadwalkers
  • Deathrattle
  • Flesh Eater Courts
  • Beasts of the Grave
  • Nighthaunts

New Allegiance Abilities

Sub-factions will be getting new faction abilities with tables of goodies. One example is this Delusion table representing the false beliefs the Flesh Eater Courts fight under. If only they had actual eyes to see their sad state.

Nighthaunts will now be able to “not-deepstrike” spectral units onto the board mid game. Your Cairn Wraiths and Tomb Banshees are now summoners and can bring in the shosts on a 3+, minimizing getting your units shot up in their deployment zone.  Actually this brings the sub-faction somewhat closer to Chaos Daemons.


The Soulblight vampiric sub faction gets a chart of artifacts representing their ancient bloodlines and what special abilities it grants. Here’s a handful of examples:

Giant Units

In an unexpected twist the Generals Handbook is buffing dedicated horde armies. There is a new mechanic called “MASSIVE REGIMENTS”. If you purchase a unit at maximum size, you get a points discount. Examples given were field Skeletons in units of 40 and Zombies in units of 60. I bet this also has a secondary goal of “MASSIVE REVENUE”…

~No word on exact timing, but we do know the General’s Handbook 2017 hits in August.



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