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Geekery: Thor Ragnarok Looks Awesome

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Jul 24 2017
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Check out the colorful, electro rock filled new trailer – and more Marvel news from SDCC.

Fall can’t come soon enough. And, of course, the trailer comes with a new poster…

More from Marvel:

  • Samuel L. Jackson will return as Nick Fury in Captain Marvel
  • Fury will be fighting the Skrulls with Carol Danvers in that movie… in the 1990s
  • The original Wasp – Janet Van Dyne – will be played by Michelle Pfeiffer in Ant Man and The Wasp
  • Scott Buck has been dropped as Iron Fist’s show runner
  • A new Black Panther trailer was shown – but we won’t see it for a bit

A look at Captain Marvel…

New Black Panther Poster…




Author: Mars Garrett
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