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HeroClix: New Additions for Elseworlds

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Jul 16

More DC characters have been added to the alternate timeline set!

Heroclix is 15 this year – and in celebration they’re releasing some fantastic new sets. Last month Marvel got the alt storyline treatment with the ‘What if?’ set, not DC is getting in on the action with an alt timeline set called ‘Elseworlds.’ Let’s take a look at some of the new clix included in the set…

Hourman can join your teams for an easy 50 points, which is especially handy for making themed teams with the All-Star Squadron and Justice Society keywords along with all the other low-cost options that share the JSA team ability. Hourman has a split dial, with two special powers on attack and speed that let him switch between both sections.

Check Out His Full Stats Here


To bring this Batman to your tabletop, he costs 100 points and brings a healthy dose of hit and run tactics to your team.  He can help build a theme team with Batman Family, Gotham City, and Future keywords.  He also has the Batman Ally team ability granting him Stealth for the whole game and a trait; The Dark Knight Returns:  We’ve Always Been Criminals, that lets you place Batman in hindering terrain within 4 squares and line of fire after he takes a non-free action in clear terrain.

Check Out His Full Stats Here



This version of Green Arrow is an 80-point piece, with five clicks of life, and a range of 8 squares with one target. He also sports Improved Targeting – Ignores Elevated Terrain, Ignores Hindering Terrain, and Ignores Characters. He’s also an Indomitable figure, meaning he can be pushed without repercussions, allowing you to reposition and move Green Arrow at your discretion. With his power set and abilities, Green Arrow fits in nicely on Gotham City, Star City, and Martial Artist themed teams.

Check Out His Full Stats Here

Scott Porter has been unboxing the full set – this is the first in the series, you can see them all here.

Play HEROCLIX, Free Rules Here

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