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Green Ronin: Critical Role’s Tal’Dorei, Book of Righteousness & Six of Swords

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Jul 26

Green Ronin has a host of new books available for Pre-Order, face the gods, the home of Vox Machina, and the world of Blue Rose.

Green Ronin is responsible for some of the best RPG stuff coming out these days. Their flair for worlds that blend drama and innovation is second to none. While they may not be quite as familiar as Wizards of the Coast or Paizo, they’re responsible for the excellent Adventure Game Engine system, and their award-winning Dragon Age RPG helped cement the system for other worlds. Now Green Ronin’s working with folks like Matt Mercer to bring you the world of Tal’Dorei, which you might know as the campaign setting for Critical Role. The hit livestreamed RPG that’s taking the world by storm.

Of course they’re also responsible for one of my favorite settings–the world of Aldea. Aldea is the setting of Blue Rose, which, if you don’t know is a game of Romantic Fantasy. Drawing on the works of authors like Diane Duane, Mercedes Lackey, and Tamora Pierce, whose works helped shape many a young reader’s ideas of what fantasy stories can look like–it doesn’t all have to be epic high fantasy adventures all the time. These were stories about heroes finding a place where they belonged, something that hits in a very personal way. It’s a pretty real human desire to have a place you belong, and to get to explore what that means in the context of gaming blew my mind when I first played Blue Rose back in its 1st Edition days. Now the new book is out and is fantastic–you should check it out for sure. But the Six of Swords is a compendium to help get you started adventuring in the world of Aldea and I for one can’t wait to dive into that.

And of course, last but certainly not least–Green Ronin has always been responsible for some of the top quality D&D Content out there. And they are bringing a bevy of 5th Edition Goodness to the fray with their Book of Righteousness, which is a book that dives into divinity. Not just a tome of deities and demigods (though those are present), you also get the churches, the organizations and the culture that revolves around it. If you want to add detail to your divine characters, or just want an avenue to explroe themes of faith in your campaign world, this book looks like it has a truly unique menu for divine characters.

So whatever your tastes–there are three great books up for pre-order now. Scroll down for more details, or visit Green Ronin and pre-order your copy today.

via Green Ronin

Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting (5E) $34.95/$18.95 (pdf)

Critical Role has taken the roleplaying world by storm. Now, you can join the adventure! Until now, the wondrous and dangerous lands of Tal’Dorei have been the sole stomping grounds of the show’s adventuring company, Vox Machina. But now, you can explore these realms in a tome from the pen of Game Master Matt Mercer himself! Will you find one of the revered Vestiges of Divergence or perhaps discover part of the Chroma Conclave’s legacy? Can you help the Ashari in their sacred charge to prevent the elemental vortices from overwhelming the world, or will you find yourself embroiled in the machinations of the Clasp? This setting book takes an in-depth look at the history, people, and places of Tal’Dorei, and includes new backgrounds, magic items, and monsters for the Fifth Edition rules

  • Pre-Order for ShippingThis is the option to get the physical book shipped to you once they are done printing. You’ll receive an offer to get the PDF version right away for just $5, but you must choose “Add to Cart” in the pop-up window to get the offer.

  • Pre-Order for Gen Con Pick-Up:This is the option to choose if you are going to be at Gen Con 50 this August in Indianapolis and can come by the Green Ronin Publishing booth (#1321 in the Exhibit Hall) to pick up your book in person, with photo ID. When you check out you’ll be offered the PDF version for just $5, but you must choose “Add to Cart” in the pop-up window to get the offer.

  • PDF:Don’t like lugging books around with you as you search for adventure in Tal’Dorei? This is the option for you.

Book of Righteousness$49.95/$24.95 (pdf)

The most comprehensive pantheon in roleplaying games is back in a new edition for 5E. This massive tome provides more than 20 pick-up-and-play churches, whose organization and beliefs are described in lavish detail. These churches can be used in any campaign setting to bring a whole new level of detail to religious characters. Plus, for those who don’t have a complete cosmology in their game, The Book of the Righteous provides a comprehensive mythology that unifies all of the gods in the book. The original edition of Book of the Righteous was one of the most critically acclaimed books of the d20 era. Now Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition designers Robert J. Schwalb and Rodney Thompson have brought the new edition up to date with the 5E rules and the whole book is in glorious full color. The Book of the Righteous is truly a divine sourcebook like no other.

Blue Rose: Six of Swords$29.95

The Adventure Gaming Engine (AGE System) edition of Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy is now in the hands of backers of the Kickstarter and available through distribution in fine game stores everywhere. As readers digest the contents of that sizable book, those looking to run a new Blue Rose game of their own need only one additional resource: Adventures! The Blue Rose book provides a sample adventure (“The Shadows of Tanglewood” by Steven Jones) and a wealth of adventure hooks and ideas, but for an ongoing series, Narrators are going to want additional adventure resources. Fortunately, we’ve anticipated their needs.


The new Six of Swords adventure anthology offers a set of six adventures for Blue Rose, complete stories including important characters, setting information, and all of the material a Narrator needs to run them.

  • The Mistress of Gloamhale Manor pits the heroes against the ghostly inhabitants of a haunted mansion in a search for the truth.
  • The Sixth Beast offers an opportunity to prevent war between factions in an outlying region of Aldis.
  • The Night Market sends the envoys into the dark depths of the Veran Marsh and the heart of the criminal underworld to recover a valuable arcane artifact.
  • A Harvest of Masks begins with mysterious abductions from Aldin villages near the wilderness of the Pavin Weald. Who are the masked abductors and what do they want?
  • Storms Over Kamala finds the heroes out on the wild Plains of Rezea to challenge the forces that have claimed a witch’s ancient homeland.
  • A Wanton Curse is set at a high society masked ball in a castle on Gravihain Eve, the Aldin equivalent of Halloween. What dark secrets are some of the guests concealing?

Most of the adventures are pitched toward low-level heroes, working from 1st level up through the upper low levels. The last couple adventures are intended for mid- and high-level heroes, both for Narrators who want to start out with a higher level game, and to offer examples of such adventures for a series as it grows and develops. Each adventure should be good for multiple sessions of game play, and most feature mysteries and character interaction alongside action and combat encounters.

The adventures cover a wide range of locations and styles, from the depths of the Veran Marsh to the open grasslands of the Plains of Rezea and the deep woodlands of northern Aldis. Adversaries range from criminal syndicates to corrupt sorcerers, vengeful spirits, and terrible unliving creatures like vampires.

We think this format provides a nice combination of adventures usable right out of the book and varied locations and plots.

Well there you have it. Three fantastic books that you can use in your campaign, ready to go. If you want to add a little depth to your games or to experiment with differing thematic elements, you’ll find these books hit the spot. I’m excited to check them out.

Happy Adventuring!

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