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Shapeways: 3-D Printed D&D Dice, Minis, and More

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Jul 19

From dice to miniatures to terrain, Shapeways has a lot to offer your roleplaying games.

You’ve doubtless seen some of the Shapeways stuff we’ve been showcasing this week. Whether the grimdark bits we featured on Monday or the overview of everything yesterday–so you already know that Shapeways is a 3-D printing marketplace where you can go to find all the bits, minis, dice, terrain, and whatever else you can think of to help bring your games to the crazy digital future that we live in.

From the pen and paper drawing of 1977 to the cyber-digi-sculpt of 2017, this Beholder is havin’ a good time.

And as we talked about yesterday, you can find something for just about any tabletop game there. Whether it’s a wargame, an RPG, a board game, or some crazy combination of it all  for all kinds of games. They sent us some dice and minis, which we’ve got a closer look at today.

That Tiefling Bard by The DM Workshop is done up in their Frosted Ultra-Detail, which is a combination of layered plastic with an acrylic internal structure that helps the 3d printed figure keep its form from the ground up. It’s a translucent, smooth finish that holds fine detail like nothing else. The facial details alone on this sculpt are insane. From a distance some of the details fade into the translucent plastic, but up close, and covered in paint, they shine. Whether in Frosted Ultra Detail, like our Tiefling friend up there, or in Hi-Def Black Acrylate like our friend here:


What I really like is the sheer variety of stuff you can find. Since we’re talking about miniatures–here’s a look at some of the highlights–but you can lose hours at a time looking through their tabletop gaming miniatures section.

There’s this Intellect Devourer whose fine details really have him looking smart.

Tons of fantastic looking Dragonborn and Tieflings–there’s a lot of the more unusual races out there, actually. Which is heartening to me, because I always consider it a personal victory every time you have an entire party that doesn’t have a single human in it.

But then you can get some larger minis too, like this Aboleth:


Or this Beholder, who comes in at least two flavors. Modern:

And Classic:

I am in love with this classic beholder miniature. He looks so very happy, and he will sit on your desk or your tabletop and assure you that beholders are the absolute perfect expression of a living being and shoot eye rays at whatever you want. And if you want, you can even get him in a variety of materials, including 14k gold.

Besides the miniatures though, there’re a ton of dice out there. My personal favorite is this Celtic D20 by EonDesigner:


Which is currently sitting on my desk, waiting to kill the next couple of players. It’s made of stainless steel, infused with bronze, and it has a wonderful heft to it. Rolling this thing is incredible–the sound alone is worth the price of admission, but then there’s also the psychological effect it has on your poor, hapless players.

Of course there are a few other varieties of dice out there.

Like this spin down D20 from Wombat for all you who want your players to really know how much they’re suffering.

At any rate, Shapeways is a pretty cool place to find gaming accessories that you definitely can’t find anywhere else. Custom designs, unique materials, all brought to you by Shapeways.


Check out Shapeways

Use the promo code now through October and get free shipping on your first order.


If only they could 3d-print a cure for this fever–oh hey look a cowbell.

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