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Wyrd: The Abyssinian Dynasty Gains a Commander

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Jul 17

Prince Unathi Zerezghi is calculating leader, and a believer in Abyssinian technology.

This ruler sees leadership as something that has to be earned, and is willing to sacrifice nearly everything for his people. Prince Unathi is an cunning commander that uses Abyssinian technology to the test on the battlefield.


On the tabletop, Prince Unathi is a generalist. He has a potent Missile attack and two strong Morale support actions that ensure he can apply force where needed.

Unlike the Lord of Steel, Prince Unathi can begin to lose effectiveness as your forces are depleted. His Call for Reinforcement Action helps to offset this by allowing easy replenishment of any lost Fireteams.


Effectively taking advantage of the Field Test Action can set up a lot of beneficial situations for Unathi. Prototype Actions are often quite potent, but they require you to discard a card. By using Unathi’s Field Test to take those Actions, you can draw a card afterward. This allows for efficient card cycling, as low cards can be discarded in the hopes of drawing better cards.


Prince Unathi is an all-around solid soldier, only lacking in Melee options. Getting the most out of him boils down to a player’s ability to read the battlefield and apply his Actions to the right location.

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