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40k: CSM Legion Tactics Spotted

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Aug 02

The first image of the Chaos Marine Legion powers arrived – come help decipher the mystery:

The next (blurry) image from Codex CSM are doing the rounds courtesy of the French.

image via B&C’s Archaeinox

General Notes:

It’s in French

This looks fairly similar in layout to the Codex Space Marines charts.


The Iron Warriors and Emperor’s Children have been revealed earlier:



Partial Translations

Here is a list of Chapter Traits that has been doing the rounds on various forums the past day:

Night Lords: -1 ld for each NL unit within 6 of an enemy. This stacks to a min of ld 1 for the enemy.

Word Bearers: Re-roll failed moral dice.

Black Legion: +1 ld and can always advance and shoot – or gain bonuses or no modifiers to advancing and shooting.

Alpha Legion – Scout ability – like deepstrike, but 12 inches away from enemy units.


World Eaters – Units in close combat are immune to morale.

All CSMs: All CSM units get the same “Objective Secured” ability Loyalist Space Marines have.


~Get out your magnifying glasses, google translate and do some comparisons.  What do you guys think?

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