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40K: Grey Knights Codex Preview

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Aug 04

Codex: Grey Knights a surprise preview! Check out the Marines of Titan – it’s a Grey Knight Preview!

We’ve been getting glimpses of the Chaos Space Marine Codex all week. But now Games Workshop is flipping the script and showing off the secretive scions of Titan – the Grey Knights!

via Warhammer Community

“Chaos is on the rise – but hope is far from lost. The new Grey Knights codex is incoming, and with it, new ways to build an army from Titan, new Stratagems, new psychic powers and more.”

New Units Confirmed

  • Nemesis Dreadknight for the Grand Master
  • Stormtalon Gunship
  • Stormhawk Interceptor

New Psychic Powers – 6 Total


Astral Aim allows Grey Knights to fire at units they do not have Line of Sight to and those attacks ignore the benefits of cover. Did you think your LoS blocking terrain was going to spare you a round of shooting from the Grey Knights? Think again!

Grey Knight Stratagems

Honour the Chapter allows Grey Knights (a pretty potent close combat force) to unleash their fury on their foes once again in close combat. This can be used to great effect which is probably why it’s so pricy at 3 CP!

Sometimes you can’t always be near a character that will boost your to-hit rolls. That’s when you can call upon the Wisdom of the Ancients to aid you. This basically turns every single Grey Knight Dreadnought out there into a mini-buff battery. Keep in mind that it can be used at the start of ANY phase (shoot or melee, yours or your opponents) to help turn the tide of a fight.


Only In Death Does Duty End is what I like to call the Khan rule. (Side note, Khan stole that from Captain Ahab…so maybe it’s the Melville rule?) Anyways, it’s a Characters one last epic sign of contempt towards their foe. You might of slain them, but they get to take the last shot at you.

Grey Knight Relic Banner of Refining Flame

The Banner of Refining Flame amps up your Smite power. It also has the side effect of shorting the range to 6″ – but it increases the damage potential to D6 vs D3. It’s a trade off but those are Mortal Wounds we’re talking about – and let’s be real, Grey Knights do enjoy getting up close and personal…

Games Workshop also confirmed two more Relics are returning – Soul Glaive and the Cuirass of Sacrifice. No news on what exactly those do, but they are in the game.

The Grey Knights Codex sounds like it’s going to get a lot of extra rules to help balance out the fact that they aren’t part of the standard Space Marines. But from the looks of things – they won’t really need it! They are getting their own relics, stratagems, psychic powers, “new” units, and more (I’m guessing their own Warlord Traits as well). Oh and let’s not forget We’ve already seen Voldus running around as a new Grand Master. I’m sure all the other characters that had models are probably back, too.

I’d also like to point out that in the full preview article (which you can read HERE) GW mentioned that the Grey Knights can fit 8 Dreadknights in a 2000 point Spearhead Detachment – and that means it’s a legal matched play list!



So what do you make of the Grey Knights? Are they going to be able to smite the foes of the Emperor or are they going to be really shiny target practice?

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