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40K: Patrol Battle Report: Dark Angels vs Orks

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Aug 5 2017

SN Battle Reports are here with a long form Battle Report!

SN Battle Reports are back with their first 8th Edition Patrol Battle Report! Enjoy!

Blinka kicked Scumscrot in the back of the head sending him reeling forward into the mass of crude controls. The sound of clanking gears and tracks changed pitch as the grot tank veered left violently before Scumscrot brought it back under any semblance of control. Blinka laughed evilly even as he rubbed the painful bump on the side of his noggin caused by the rapid course change. The inside of the tanks diminutive turret was bristling with oversized weapon breaches, telescopic sights and rough metal edges. It was as if the interior had been specifically designed to poke an eye out. That’s how Blinka had got his name after all. An angry red augmetic eye fizzed on and off irregularly, sparks occasionally erupting from its incomplete casing which added to Blinka’s demented visage. Head covered in bumps and scar tissue, buzzing red eye (sometimes) and an oversized mouth full of needle sharp teeth that clattered constantly in febrile excitement.

A coughing fit overcame him as the compartment became flooded with oily black smoke courtesy of the finest Grot engineering this side of Armageddon, and perhaps because of this or just because he was a spiteful runt, he kicked Scumscrot in the back of the head again. The driver quit his controls, turned and viciously assaulted Blinka’s legs both physically and verbally. Both Grots swiftly fell into riotous discourse through the medium of incoherent yapping, snarling and screeching that passed for a language between them. No actual words or mutually recognisable sounds were used, just meaningless sounds that were conferred meaning by their tone, pitch and volume. Somehow it worked… Most of the time. Their squabbling was brought to a halt by a concussive blast that made their ears pop. The tiny metal remains of one of their fellow grot tanks pinged against the armour as it fell back to earth. Blinka furiously worked the levers and gears that traversed the turret, good eye pressed against the gun sights searching for whom or what had done his mates in, needle toothed maw yapping commands to Scumscrot in their non-language.

Deployment: Search and Destroy

Mission: Retrieval Mission

Points: 500

Patrol Detachment
Librarian (Force Sword, Bolt Pistol)


Tactical Squad x5 (Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Power Sword, 3x Marines with Bolt Pistol and Boltguns, 1x Marine with Bolt Pistol and Flamer)
Razorback (Twin Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter)

Scout Squad x5 (Bolt Pistol x5, Boltgun x5, Camo Cloak x5)

Deadnought (Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon with Storm Bolter, Twin Lascannon)

Patrol Detachment
Warboss (Big Choppa, Kustom Shoota, Stikkbombs)
Gretchin x30 (Grot Blaster x30)
Deff Dread (Dread Klaws x4)
Killa Kans x3 (Kan Klaws x3, Grotzooka x1, Rokkit Launcha x1, Skorcha x1)
‘Ere we go ladz! Anova batrep wiv da Green Skinz smashin’ sum Green ‘Umiez! Dey mite be Grotz, but they kan show dem not ta copy us like dem Digga Nobz oos ta do! Speakin’ of ‘umiez, ‘ere komes wun now! Got ta run!Yea you better run! Sorry about that folks. Let’s get back down to business, as you can see here the Team have set up another fantastic board for today, using a combination of desert buildings, imperial scatter terrain, trees and the fence line. Seeing as this is only a small 500 points game we are only playing on a 4×4 table, meaning everything past the fence where the trees are is not in play.
Chris won the roll off, and placed the first of the 4 objectives that the armies are fighting over today. To you and me it looks like a pile of ammo and some fuel, but in the hands of a Grot, that’s all you need for one hell of a bomb!
Lovely containers painted by our good friend John, who has the amazing Craftworld Eldar army featured in report #59 against Chris’ Khorne Daemonkin.
Scout Squad taking cover next to flammable barrels, what could go wrong?
The Razorback Nanageddon, ready to deliver the Warlord and Marines into the thickest fighting.
Bolo the Ancient Dreadnought, capturing one of the objectives from the get go.
The Kans and Deff Dread line up as far forward as possible, ready to get into combat as soon as they can.
The Warboss overlooks his Grot minions from the shoulders of his Ogre slave. What an awesome conversion and paint job
Never underestimate a Grot, as there’s probably more of them standing behind you ready to steal your wallet, you’re wife and probably even your kids lol
With Dave having finished setting up first and securing first turn, Chris tried to seize but failed on a 4. Onto Dark Angels, turn 1….
Turn 1 (Dark Angels) Dave starts off by disembarking his Librarian and Tactical Marines from the Razorback, having them move up onto the nearby building so they have a clear line of sight.The Scouts moved up to secure the Objective along with the Dreadnought
Turn 1 (Dark Angels) The Razorback swung around the building, lining the Killa Kans up with it’s Heavy Bolter. It’s all about to kick off!
Turn 1 (Dark Angels) In the Psychic phase, Smite was out of range, so Dave cast Aversion onto the Killa Kans, forcing them to subtract 1 from their hit rolls until Dave’s next pyschic phase. An excellent choice by Chris.In the Shooting phase, the Marines open fired onto the Killa Kans with the 3 bolters in range. They caused one wound, which Chris failed to save.
Turn 1 (Dark Angels) Moving onto their Razorback, it’s Stormbolter and Twin Heavy Bolter roared into life, but failed to penetrate the thick armour plates of the Kans.
Turn 1 (Dark Angels) The Scouts fired their 5 Bolters into the grots, causing 4 wounds. Chris rolled his saves….
Turn 1 (Dark Angels) And rolled four 1’s! The Grots explode into red and green paste.The Dreadnought fires into the Grot mob as well, unable to see the Kans or Deff Dread, managing to explode another with its Lascannon.
Turn 1 (Dark Angels) Having lost 5 Grots this turn, they have to test for Morale. Rolling a 6 would normally mean 7 more Grots die, but Chris decides his Warboss will Break sum Headz and suffer D3 mortal wounds to the unit instead, which results in 3 dying instead.
Turn 1 (Grots)The Grot Mob advanced up the battlefield a whopping 11 inches, with the Warboss following behind just as fast.The Kans and Deff Dread moved up on the right flank. 
Turn 1 (Grots)Into the shooting phase, and the Killa Kans opened fire. The Rokkit Launcher missed, and the Scorcha was out of range. The Grotzooka managed to hit once though (needed 6s due to moving and Aversion) but failed to wound the Razorback.With that over, the Killa Kans declared a charge into the Razorback. Overwatch didn’t manage to do any damage, even using a Command Point to reroll a wound dice from the Heavy Bolter. Chris also used a Command Point to reroll one of the charge dice, but still failed to make it into combat.
Turn 1 (Grots) The Grots declared their charge against the Dreadnought. The Storm Bolter managed to take one down, but they still made it into combat.
Turn 1 (Grots) The Mob piled in and fights first, managing to get 7 close enough to hit. They hit 3 times, but unsurprisingly failed to wound.The Dreadnought swung back, and easily crushed 3 of them with its Close Combat arm.In the Morale Phase, Chris rolled a 1 and managed to save any of them from running away.


Turn 2 (Dark Angels) The Scouts shuffled to the left slightly, ready to charge into the Grots later this turn. The Razorback moved back around the building to put some distance between it and the Kans.
Turn 2 (Dark Angels) The Librarian tried to cast Aversion onto the Killa Kans again, but failed this time. Trying to cast Smite instead, he succeeds with a 7, and does 3 Mortal Wounds to the unit, leaving the front Kans with a single wound.
Turn 2 (Dark Angels) The Twin Heavy Bolter on the Razorback fired at the Kans next. It managed to hit 4 times, and wound twice. Chris rolled his saves…
Turn 2 (Dark Angels) And failed one, causing the Grotzooka Kan to lose its final wound and be removed from play.The Storm Bolter managed to take a wound off another Kan as well.


Turn 2 (Dark Angels) Giving you an overview of the battlefield as it currently stands, the Scouts open up with their pistols into the Grots. They hit 4 times, wounded 4 times, and Chris manages to save 2 of them with double sixes!
Turn 2 (Dark Angels) Into the assault phase, the Scouts charge straight into the Grots, and behind Pistol whipping and kicking them. They managed to hit with all 6 attacks, and wound with another 4, 2 of which Chris saved, go t-shirt saves!

See the full Battle Report Here for the exciting conclusion!



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