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40K: Top 5 Favorite Grey Knight Stratagems

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Aug 09

The Grey Knights have some pretty great Stratagems – come take a look at our top 5 favorites!

The looming threat of Chaos approaches and to help fight back the followers of the dark gods the Grey Knights are arriving at the same time. We’re talking about codexes, of course! We’ve gotten early copies and have been putting them through their paces on our Twitch Channel. Yesterday we busted out the Chaos Marines vs Grey Knights and it was a pretty epic throw down.

When we were playing I had a chance to use a couple of the Stratagems in the book and I’ll be honest, the Grey Knights have some pretty good ones to choose from – it’s almost a little overwhelming. However, there were a handful that really rose to the top and I wish I had enough Command Points to use them all! After the game I got to talking with the other writers here at BoLS and we came up with our lists of our favorite Grey Knight Stratagems. Here they are in no particular order:

Honour The Chapter

Grey Knights are powerful warriors in both the shooting and the fight phases. Their basic equipment is a Stormbolter and a Nemesis Force Sword. They have the right tools for most jobs. I really appreciated that tactical flexibility in my last game with them. Ideally, on the Grey Knight player turn they are going to move up, shoot and then charge their target to finish them off. After a withering hail of bolter shots and a charge from a basic Strike Squad, most things in the game are done or on their last leg. With Honor the Chapter, you can pay 3 CP to have a unit fight again! If it’s not dead by then I’d blame the dice…

Only In Death Does Duty End

For 1 CP, this is one Stratagem that we love to keep in our back pocket, but hate to use it. Why? Well it can only trigger when a Grey Knights Character is slain – so that means you’re losing something of value. However, it is one giant middle finger to whatever just killed it. That character, in one last defiant stand, takes another shot (or swings) at an enemy. This is also one of those Stratagems that interrupts the flow of the game as well and that means it can be used to really mess-up your opponents fight phase plans. Again, we hate to use it but don’t forget you have it!

Heed The Prognosticars


Most Grey Knight Characters come with a 4++ save stock (Iron Halo equivalents) or have a way to get a 4++ save (Psychic Power Sanctuary + Terminator Armor). If you play your cards right you can improve that save even further with Heed the Prognosticars. Just remember you have to use this Stratagem on YOUR turn… Come to think of it, you could get your Grand Master to a 2++ save with this Stratagem. Gross. Maybe that’s why it’s 2 CPs!

Finest Hour

Finest Hour is a fantastic Stratagem for 2 CP. Doubling the distance of your Aura abilities can really help take your units over the top! Again, it is a Stratagem you have to remember to use at the start of your turn but when you REALLY need to get those re-rolls from your Grand Master or you REALLY need your new Chaplains to help out with their aura…you get the idea!

Psybolt Ammunition

Finally, we have the return of a classic Grey Knight “thing” they used to have. Psybolt Ammunition is back and it’s TOTALLY worth spending the 2 CPs on. Boltguns, Storm Bolters, Heavy Bolters and Hurricane Bolters get +1 Strength and an additional -1 AP. I used this to great effect when I caught some Khorne Berzekers out in the open. Even with Storm Bolters, wounding on 3+ and causing them to save on 4+ made a BIG difference. Just imagine this used on other shooty units, like Vehicles. Say a Storm Raven perhaps? Wait, you know what…forget I said anything about that. Move along…Move along!

No!!! Don’t put a picture of it up there! Now they will never forget!!




Those are our top 5 Grey Knight Stratagems – there are LOTS more to choose from but we had to stop under threat of being excommunicated and receiving a visit from the Inquisition.

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