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Board Games: Breaking Bad Board Game is Cooking

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Aug 22 2017

Spotted at Gen Con and coming soon from Asmodee, Breaking Bad the Board Game.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a kingpin? Or to try those strangely addictive concoctions from Los Pollos Hermanos? Or to become a DEA Agent, unable to track down the dad from Malcolm in the Middle?

Even if you haven’t, you should check out the upcoming Breaking Bad Board Game from Asmodee. We recently had a chance to check it out on the Gen Con floor–details are still cooking, but the game is slated to come out later this year. Although, given Walter White’s pseudonym of choice, I think it’s safe to say that there’s a little uncertainty involved.

via Asmodee

Based on the excellent TV show, Breaking Bad : The Board Game gets you deep down in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  You can play as either one of the 3 criminal factions (Heisenberg, Los Pollos Hermanos, Juarez Cartel), or as the DEA agent.


If you’re playing the criminal factions, your goal is to produce Blue Sky, and then sell the victory condition quantity before your opponents. You can also win the game by taking out all your opponents (killing them) using corresponding cards (shooting, bombing, etc…).

If you’re playing the DEA agent, your goal is to seize the criminal factions’ labs (by playing DEA Raid cards). You can also win the game by taking out all your opponents, either by killing them or putting them in jail.

On his turn, each player may take 2 of the following actions:
– Draw a card.
– Play a card from his hand.
– Produce Blue Sky (dealer only).
– Sell 1 Blue Sky on his faction board (dealer only).

Become the one who knocks.

Playing the game in a green shirt and only your underwear isn’t strictly required…but we do recommend it.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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