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BtGoA: New Concord Sends in the Drones

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Aug 20 2017

A trio of deadly drones are swooping into a a tabletop near you from Warlord Games.


C3M407 Close Support drone – $41.00

Boasting clean lines and ample anti infantry weaponry this Drone is a must have for any commander preparing for a hostile take over…

Unit: Concord close support drone Ag Acc Str Res Init Co
1 x Close Support Drone with 2 x twinned plasma carbines and 1 x plasma light support 5 6 1 13 8 8
1 x Spotter Drone


C3D2 Medium Support Drone; Compression Cannon – $16.00

The compression cannon is a relatively exotic light support weapon mostly used in specialist roles by Concord forces where it is likely to be drone or vehicle mounted. Compression weapons use compression field technology to quantum reduce everything within a narrow field projected by the weapon – effectively scrunching matter to nothing.

C3D2 Medium Support Drone; Fractal Cannon – $16.00

Fractal weapons are primarily used for attacking static defences. They are relatively specialist weapons found in the arsenals of most Antarean forces but reserved for urban warfare where they are supremely useful. Fractal weapons utilise molecular resonance to break apart solid material. Although slow to develop full power, their ability to break apart buildings and machines is almost limitless. They are also known as fractal disintegrators.


~Have at it Gates of Antares fans!

Author: Mars Garrett
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