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FFG: New X-Wing Ships Inbound

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Aug 22 2017

Wave XII is now officially announced for X-Wing. Heavy fighters abound in this one.

X-Wing is getting Wave XII real soon. And as the song goes, I saw three ships come sailing in, one is a reworked military transport, salvaged from the clone wars, once is a Mandal Motors heavy fighter, and the third is the freaking assault gunboat that always blew me up in X-Wing the PC game.

Not pictured: the other three Star Wings blowing up the escort target. Again.

via FFG

M12-L Kimogila Fighter$19.95

Produced by MandalMotors and flown by enforcers of the Hutt kajidics and other criminal cartels, the M12-L Kimogila fighter was dreaded by spacers across the Outer Rim for its ordnance capacity and the withering torrents of coordinated fire it could unleash. The M12-L Kimogila Expansion Pack brings this heavy fighter to life in X-Wing™ as a blunt instrument that trades maneuverability for raw destructive power. Its pre-painted miniature starfighter comes with four ship upgrades and ten upgrades, many of which reward you for catching your foes in the ship’s new bullseye firing arc.

Phantom II$14.95


The Phantom II is a Sheathipede-class transport shuttle that the Spectres recovered from a Clone Wars-era military base and modified with weapons and a custom docking system. It makes its X-Wing™ debut in the Phantom II Expansion Pack as an attack-ready vessel that comes with four ship cards and six upgrades. These include new astromechs, crew upgrades, and Title upgrades that incorporate more of Star Wars Rebels in your space battles and add depth to the shuttle’s ability to perform the coordinate action.

Alpha-class Star Wing$14.95

The first widely deployed Imperial starfighter to boast shields and a hyperdrive, the Alpha-class Star Wing had limited maneuverability, but was heavily armed for its size. The fighter remains impressively durable and destructive in X-Wing™, where its two agility, four hull, and three shields are paired with the ability to unleash cascading torrents of missile and cannon fire. The Star Wing’s pre-painted miniature is accompanied by four ship cards, seven upgrades, one maneuver dial, reference cards for the reload action and jam tokens, and all the plastic and tokens you need to fly the ship to battle.

Now we just need some cargo containers and all my X-Wing flashbacks will have a second life.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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